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Weekend Coffee Share, Sunday Evening

The puppies are tucked into their kennels and sound asleep, the other of us is watching TV reruns in the other room, and I am enjoying my last pot of Stash’s Tieguanyin oolong tea. Not my favorite, I thought, but I note that it’s the first tea of that mail order that I’ve finished. Tea leaves are still wet, and there are extra teacups in the cupboard, if you’d like to try it.

If we were visiting together, this evening, I would tell you that I have felt much better, today, than yesterday and the few days previous. The air has, for the most part, been free from smoke. There was rain, and the morning was cold and wet, but I was able to get out to the gazebo and put in 7.5 miles on the exercise bike. Thanks to the space heater, which I turned to the “high” setting with the oscillator fan aimed at my feet and legs. If the smoke is not back before then, I would like to get out there and do it again. I am able to read while pedaling, thanks to my ebook tablet.

In addition to taking more photographs, today, I also dug out a photograph of last year’s Forget Me Not flowers in the back garden, and then I had to write a poem to go with it. ☺

Forget Me Nots

I would tell you that I found, later in the day, flowers with petals furled and folded in with bees tucked into them. I found several sites that reassured me the insects will hide away and wait for morning’s warmth if they cannot return to their hives or burrows because of cold or darkness. Mention was made of honeybees navigating by the sun. That makes sense to me. I will be sure to not worry when I come across them napping in my flowers.

On Saturday, we decided to go out for a quick supper at the local Denny’s Restaurant, where we got a free meal on account of using the punch ticket (buy 10 and get one free, I think). I think it’s a seniors thing (over age 55). We stopped for a few groceries on the way home.

We have to settle on which events we wish to attend at our 50th College Reunion celebration. Homecoming weekend is the last weekend of September and begins with several events on Thursday. Our wedding anniversary is the same week, and both fall within the 6-week photography online workshop I’ve enrolled in, which will make the week a bit crowded. I should make my first appearance at the event I most want to attend, in case I become ill (second-hand fragrances and/or smoke) and must miss the rest of the weekend. Fortunately, our college is in the town just across the river from the town where we live.

Have you attended any college or high school reunions since graduation? I went to one of my husband’s HS reunions and knew more people in his graduating class than I recognized when I attended a reunion of my own HS class. College reunions (I think I’ve gone to half a dozen over the last 50 years) have not been so bad, but the people whom one had hoped to see again mostly did not show up, and others remembered me, but I often didn’t recall either the face or the name…or either. I confess to not being good at recalling faces. I am better with names, but only if I write them down.

My teacup is almost empty, and so I am going to try to get some sleep, now. This has been, all told, an enjoyable weekend.

Thanks for stopping by. I don’t know about you, but I’m finding that writing these coffee share posts is somehow therapeutic.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!



Saturday Morning 08/18 #WeekendCoffeeShare

Good morning! I am glad that you stopped by for coffee and a visit. If you’d showed up when I started writing this post…I would have fallen asleep, which would not have been good. The other of us turned out the bedroom light; I woke briefly, around 1:30 in the morning, to say “good-night” and once more fell asleep.

The photos above are of the western sky at 7:30, last night. No clouds, but smoke carried by the winds from fires in Canada. Are there Air Quality warnings where you are, also? There have been entire years when I have not resorted to taking an antihistamine tablet. but I have taken one three nights in a row, now. We do expect rain after midnight, Saturday, which is expected to clean the air.

My outside visits have been short, this week, due to the smoky haze. The smoke makes for richer colors in some of the wildflowers, light waves filtered through the particulates. I have enjoyed playing with the photo editing software, fooling around with the color balances and saturation.

If we were visiting together, today, at our house, there would be some new beverage options. Two of my tea infusers broke, this past week, and I forgot several times that I had a pan on the stove, heating water for tea. I had saved enough money that I could buy an electric water kettle at my favorite kitchen-wares store, along with replacing the infusers with stainless steel ones.

I can now heat water to the preferred brewing temperature for the various types of tea in the cupboard: green, black, and oolong. My favorite teas are oolong, but I like a nice, strong “breakfast blend” in the morning, once I’ve had my breakfast of Toddy coffee (mixed with whole milk, rather than water) and 10g of very dark chocolate. That’s 200 calories, 15g of carbohydrates, for breakfast.

The Scampers have been fed and made a couple visits to the back yard; they’re now taking an after-breakfast nap. While I was outside, I got a snapshot of the “clear” sky and morning sun. There is a smoky haze, but the sky is cloud-free. I am destined to put in the majority of my exercise, today, on the elliptical machine in the front room. Yesterday, I put in 4.5 miles on the exercise bike in the gazebo, and in the evening, 5 minutes or so on the elliptical, which is more strenuous (and less aerobics time?).

Smoke Haze

This week, I posted my #RonovanWrites #Haiku on my The Moments Between blog:
“Fooling Around With Flowers” post. I also reblogged several of my poems from years past. As my brother’s wife is in hospice care, my mind turns to thoughts of my late mother and her passions, and so I donated the remainder of my allowance for this month to the local food bank. I’ve certainly got enough books on my “to be read” list to carry me through not just the rest of August, but through the end of the year.

If we were enjoying a cuppa whatever (I’ve moved on to Irish Breakfast tea), this morning, in the front room, I would confide that the isolation imposed over the past years since my (medically necessary) retirement has become wearisome. It came on gradually, as my energy lagged, but still… I have become unaccustomed to actual interaction with people. I may never be well enough to brave the human-made environmental hazards that affect my breathing &c. I remember the years when I exchanged letters with people around the world via postal service. We grew busy as life moved on, more insular, and those contacts inevitably faded away; life’s focuses changed, people died. The Internet seems to be more ephemeral.

Thanks for the visit! I look forward to reading your weekend posts throughout the coming days. Best wishes for your weekend and the week ahead!


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Another weekend post | Monday, 13 August

I don’t often do this, but I am posting a second #WeekendCoffeeShare post, this week. The day is not going well, and I could use the company. I can offer hot water for tea or what’s left of the still-hot drip coffee, left in this morning’s pot. Also, there’s filtered water in the fridge.

I would complain to you about the advent of the ragweed season, here. The beginning (last Friday) is right on schedule, and the ending is not until the first hard frost, which would be two months from now. I hadn’t realized until attempting to fill out an online order form for the dogs’ medications that I cannot concentrate enough to do so. And so I have just phoned the local vet office to pick up here in town. Just dawned on me that I could take time from complaining to actually take care of the task. 

The next thing to do is to eat a meal, but I am not ready to get out my chair.  The Scampers are scattered across the floor, sleeping, but Charlie is pointed in the direction of the door to the back yard, where they would just as soon be. This is not to occur for a while.

Morning Naps

Between the pollen index topping out and the smoke from the west coast and Canada lingering in the air, I am staying indoors as much as possible. I should not have gone out to take photos, this morning, or to water the garden…but I was on automatic. I was not thinking.

Directed writing does help in collecting one’s thoughts. I also should have eaten a meal, this morning, but only had Toddy coffee by three hours into the day. On a full stomach, I can take an antihistamine, which will help a lot. I may actually get something done, this morning.

Virtual coffee breaks really are helpful for sitting down and purposely focusing on conversation, even when I cannot hear your answering voice. While I do not feel up to “creative” activity, yet, I can at least feed myself. 🙂 And wash and dry the dishes. And put in a load of laundry.

Thank you for this break! It’s been a big help.

Best wishes for your day!


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Relaxing | #WeekendCoffeeShare 10 August 2018

Greetings from the wildflower patch! If we were getting together for coffee, this weekend, I would have big pot of medium roast ready to share (honey, not sugar; milk, not cream). You might find what you want in the way of tea in greater variety, since I do bulk shopping for that, and the shipping box just arrived this morning. I keep this up, and I’ll have to look for some air-tight canisters or tins. English and Irish breakfast tea, and some more Emerald Green Tips loose tea. I still have a couple of choices in Oolong teas.  Bottled and filtered cold water, of course.

If we were having a visit, this afternoon, I could show off photographs from my wildflower gardens (back yard and the south side of the garage). I had also scattered seed at the front of the house, but only a few plants of Baby’s Breath appeared. The south side garden was late to make an appearance, but now that I know what plants will bloom and what is flowerless weed, I’ve been pulling a lot of stuff and using old coffee grounds for mulch. While I bought a drought-resistant seed selection, I am not putting my trust in that. It’s hot out there!

A few of these shots are from this morning, but most are from backyard outings this afternoon with the Scampers.

If we were visiting together, I would share the latest in family news. Last night, just as I was falling asleep, I got a text letting me know that the health of a close relative has deteriorated further. The spouse believes that the time is short, and that is realistic. Believe it’s time to drop another donation check in the mail to the local hospice association. They have been generally wonderful!

I am continuing to listen to music, which I have not done in years. I have been transferring my uncle Jess’s classical and jazz CD collections to digital format (hopefully) before they deteriorate. When I was in college and later (1960s-70s), he recorded reel-to-reel tapes for me from NYC radio stations, and I discovered that I loved a lot of the jazz he mailed to me. After he died, I got the CDs, which my sister on the east coast shipped to me.

My week has involved both gardening (mulching new wildflower plants) and taking lots of photographs. I have yet to write letters, wash dishes (I have been using mostly paper/plastic, this week, what with abounding scatter and all.) I have, I think, written off the meteor shower, assuming that the continuing smoke in the air will obscure the view. I do still have the binoculars at hand.

I would ask how your week has gone, and what you are looking forward to during the weekend and next week.

Next, I must wake and feed the Scampers. Maybe, then, the three of us will have an after-supper nap. I think that would be good.

Thank you for stopping by! I’m looking forward to visiting the other Weekend Coffee Share posts. More than I got through last weekend, since the pace is considerably slower for the time being.

Best wishes!

P.S. I’ve been writing some poetry, this week and last, which you can find, if interested, at (hosted by WordPress).

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Not the fishing opener

cold-brewed coffee, hot and sweet and chocolate
before I fall asleep

while your lips are out of reach…
one last text and one more cup

Copyright © 2018/08/09, by Lizl Bennefeld.

I have so many things I want to accomplish while the other of us heads out on the annual camping trip with the ham radio bunch. So far, I have dug out and reconnected the dehumidifiers in the basement and mulched the new wildflower plants with spent coffee grounds. I had fish for supper. I bought it instead of caught it!

The Scampers are not confined to their kennels for the duration. They are so pleased!

Tucked in for the Night

I think that we all get to sleep in, in the morning!