#WeekendCoffeeShare: Friday Night

Not Quite Ready, Yet

Thank you for joining me for a coffee break! The week has been long, and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend with cool and rain. On Wednesday, we navigated through the street construction projects to my clinic for my six-month check-up. (We did the same on Monday to get the blood testing done.) Everything seems to be maintaining or improving. My A1C reading was up a tenth of a percent, but we had reduced my medications by a third, six months ago, so that was good. Maintaining my weight. After the run-in with allergies, this spring, I am able to return to aerobic exercise. That is, I can pedal and breathe at the same time. Twenty-six miles on the exercise bike, this week.

On the way into the clinic, we saw a cloud to the south that showed rainbow colors on its edge. Quite colorful and well defined…which is not well captured by the photographs I took before we had to go inside.

Rainbow Colors

I have enjoyed taking photographs of the flowers, this week, and reading several books. I put aside New York to Nome: The Northwest Passage by Canoe to read L. E. Modesitt, Jr.’s latest Recluse novel, Outcasts of Order. Enjoyed it and plan to read it again in a couple of days, when I will be able to pick up on more of the details and integrate the story in my mind with the previous books in the series.

My sister-in-law, my youngest brother’s wife, is under hospice care. I would like to get to the care facility. Not sure if my coughing and sneezing are allergies or another cold, right now; I hesitate to bring fresh germs into that setting. The other sister-in-law who is local did make it over there, a couple of days ago.

I am thinking that with all the personal, family, and external turmoil, I need to take some time off to just read and garden and unwind. Al is having a good time of building and painting, and now planning furniture to build to fit out his new workshop. A good time, a happy time to share together. Trouble and worry are continuing, but they can be laid aside. The world’s troubles are much larger than me. I must pay attention to the moment and the needs of the people whose lives mesh with mine.

The hour is late. Midnight, already! I still have to prepare and eat one more meal before my day can end. Al is heading off to his computer/sitting room to watch the end of his last television show for the evening.

Thanks for listening! I look forward to reading your Weekend Coffee Share post tomorrow.

Best wishes for your weekend and the new week!

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Weekend Coffee Share for 17 June 2018

large and small, brown teapots
Tea for Two

Welcome! The new batch of Toddy coffee concentrate is not quite ready, and so I’ve brewed a big pot of tea. Having on hand a nice selection (black, green, and a couple varieties of oolong) after a lapse of some years, I am drinking tea by preference for a while. (I need to get an electric pot for boiling tea water.)

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I would share with you my frustration at replacing the bathroom towels that the puppies ate during their first year with us. Literally! Ate them up! Down to scraps, except when one of us caught them at it. We bought six bath towels, and I put two into the washing machine, so they would be ready for use the next day. Enough of the fluffy threads came out to threaten the drain, which has problems anyway, but for what stuck to the inside of the washing machine tub. I am going to look, next time, for beach towels, which, if I remember correctly, are not filled with loose threads. Fortunately, we were able to return all six towels to the store for a full refund.

The week in general has been quite beautiful. I’ve loved the rain and thunderstorms and cool breezes. The Scampers and I have spent a lot of time out of doors, while Al has been painting and working on the inside of the workshop. (Mock-ups for built-in cabinets, drawers, and work benches. I think he enjoys the furniture making more than anything!)

I made an appointment a week or so ago with the O.D. to have an eye exam, my first since the diabetes diagnosis in November of 2016. I enjoyed this doctor and found her easy to communicate with, unlike the last two that I saw over the past eight to ten years. Much more comfortable with two-way conversations, rather than disjointed statements that are not to the point. This week, I have a six-month checkup with my PCP. I have not done so well as I had wanted, but I am happy with what I (think I have) accomplished. I do seem to be sleeping better and not waking up during the night since I put lite salt back into my diet at the end of last month. Potassium level, be hanged!

My poetry writing has not been prolific, these past few weeks, but I did write a poem for Father’s Day, this morning, to match with my favorite picture from childhood of my dad and me. Here, if you’re interested, is the link to “Father-Daughter Bonding”. Otherwise, I have posted some links to previous poems of mine that I liked in particular, instead of writing new.

On Thursday, I received the mail order of wildflower seeds for summer and fall blooming. Tomorrow, I have only an early morning appointment for lab tests, and so I hope the garden spots are dry enough that I can get the seeds planted. I think that all I have to do is make shallow tracks for the seeds, put them down, and cover them up.

There are so many things that I should be sharing with someoneI’m sure, but perhaps not in this setting. But thank you for stopping by.  I am going to put some of today’s flower pictures at the end of the post.

Best wishes for your week!

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large and small, brown teapots

Miscellanea : #WeekendCoffeeShare on Saturday, 9 June

Backyard Gazebo

Welcome to my back yard! This afternoon, I am enjoying a pot of “ti kuan yin goddess of mercy” oolong tea from Stash Tea online. Bribing myself to drink less coffee to cut back on the carbohydrates. While I drink tea “straight”, I make my coffee from homemade, cold-brew concentrate added to whole milk. It’s a meal in itself; I am trying to limit myself to once or twice a day.

If we were having coffee together, today, I would invite you outdoors. I am sitting in a camp chair that’s stored in my gazebo. It is under the bending branches of the cotoneaster bushes and out of the direct sunlight.

The dogs seem to like the sunshine. My previous two dogs (Ladd and Samantha) were black cocker spaniels, and both of them enjoyed “sunbathing” also.

Out in the Sun

The week has been a quiet one. On Wednesday, we traveled to the home town for our semi-annual dental appointments. Al got two fillings while I waited, since there was an open time slot in their schedule and it saved us making an extra trip. I have orders to floss more often, please, and brush at the gum line.

Al ordered blinds for the workshop windows. He finished installing them, this afternoon, and then headed out to do some shopping (undoubtedly for the workshop) and coffee at his favorite restaurant. I have gotten the laundry washed and dried, but not put away. the kitchen is looking pretty good. Using plastic utensils and paper plates and bowls help a lot, except for the cooking necessaries, helped a lot with that. Paper plates in a large stack. The stores must be thinking “picnic”!

Incoming Weather

I am seeing definite storm-type clouds to the north-northwest. Hot as it is, I should expect there might be rain, tonight. The backyard neighbors have put up chicken wire on their side of our fence, and so we are not enjoying many visits from the neighborhood rabbits. I miss them very much.

We took extreme measures to try to protect the rabbits from trying to get through the fence at the break where the gate leaves a gap, here in the back yard. The first day that the chicken wire was placed to block that gap, a rabbit trying to outrace our dogs went through and ended up trapped between our metal fence and the chicken wire, which was too tall for him to get himself out of without a terrible struggle to reach the top, clawing at the chicken wire.

Blocking the Way

We have bolted a board to the gate posts high enough that the rabbits will not try to get through, there. we have left a space beneath the front gate where they can come and go. Our new neighbor to the south is planning to put up a privacy fence between his yard and ours, and so there will be no place from which to watch the rabbits except for between our houses and across the street through the front-room window.

The one concern that I do have is that the spouse of a family member has entered hospice care, this week. Not unexpected, but still…even the inevitable can be jarring.

I have started going to bed earlier, which, oddly, is resulting in my sleeping later into the morning. And so, I must get up promptly to get good photographs of the wildflowers.

I have enjoyed this time visiting with you. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and beyond!

Best wishes!


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True being, not a story

not the stories of
our lives or patterns
deeds good or bad
born of gratitude
or pain

we were by his will
and passion
fashioned in his
mind and flesh

because he loves
and made us
he will find our way
at last to home

Copyright © 2018-06-06, by Lizl Bennefeld.


Thoughts … so as not to lose ’em.

June 1 #WeekendCoffeeShare : Wind and Rain and Sunshine

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storm clouds to the West of us
Storm Clouds

This has been a week of dramatics and dynamics. No rain at the moment, the wind speed is (down to?) 17 mph. Still looks as though the worst of the weather will miss us, here. I rather like thunderstorms. Ah! The wind has come up, and the rain has begun.

The Scampers, the Gazebo

If we were having coffee together, this evening, I would invite you to join me in the gazebo, where we have windows on all sides of the eight-sided building. We built with gazebo with two objectives in mind. First, we wanted to be able to watch the storms come through, no matter which direction they are coming from. Second, the gazebo is screened and well ventilated (deck floor and open eaves in the summertime), because I am allergic to both insecticides and insect bites. You missed helping me take the foam blocks out of the eaves/rafters. I removed the cardboard that covered the deck floor, so that there is air flow from beneath the gazebo, up to the top and out.

The upsets, this past week and more, has come mainly from WordPress eliminating community service and educational resources to concentrate on more marketable and cost-effective functions. If they are setting it up for a lucrative buy-out, I will be sad. In the meanwhile, I look to retaining and extending my comfort/support network of people around the world. I have very much enjoyed getting to know people and become comfortable in new friendships.

If we were together, having another cup of coffee, I would tell you about the communities I enjoyed on Usenet’s newsgroups, before they vanished. Also, most recently, the SFF Net newsgroups and web hosting, bending with economic and social trends, closed down. Their computer business (as opposed to the web hosting “hobby” activities) needed their resources. I had a membership and web site there since (I think) the fall of 1996 until my health made it difficult to continue coding my own pages. I am happy that so many of my friends from SFF Net found their way to Facebook, where we have maintained ties.

Change is a fearsome thing. When it imposes itself on my world, I must admit, my first need is to bend my world into different shapes to keep as much as possible in the same or similar places, serving the purposes that I’ve established to maintain my comfort and my self-identity. My mother was on the Internet into her nineties, and I was able to take care of her web site for her when she could not. There will be no such support person to take care of that for me. I have hope that as the Web expands, these forms of communication and networking will be maintained, providing communication and enhancing well-being as the population ages.

I would show you the latest pictures from my garden, its being too dark right now to walk into it and point out the wildflowers that have bloomed and those on the brink of doing so. My Plains Coreopsis are not in sight, and so I plan, once the rain gets started again with the promise of some days of precipitation in a row, to sow what’s left from last year’s wildflower seed packet in the garden and also along the side of the house where the tulips are currently drying out. (I must dig up the bulbs, later in the season, and separate them for replanting. I need to find guidelines on which bulbs to replant and which to discard.

Time has gone by so fast, and I must join Al for “puppy time”, so we can put the Scampers to bed. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to visiting with you during the weekend! Best wishes to you!

Much love,