An extra cuppa

My husband mowed the lawn, this afternoon, and scattered the cut grass onto the barren dirt laid down to rescape the flow of water on our lot, along with more grass seed in greater amounts, in hopes that more roots will hold the sandy loam in place during the winter. And then I got to hose down three sides, about five feet out from the house, while Al wetted down the west side.

I have decided that I am going to hold my wildflower seeds until it’s cold enough that they will not germinate before spring. If I had my way, the yard would be all wildflowers and clover.

The dish washing cannot be put off another day. I must finish washing at dishes awaiting washingleast the cups, or when you stop by for coffee, there will be nothing for you or I to drink from.

Well, I expect I can just rinse mine out to reuse it, but I don’t expect company to have to deal with that.


And you?

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