Calling it a night with black tea and chocolate bites

Clean Cups & Tea and Dark Chocolate Bites
Clean Cups & Tea and Dark Chocolate Bites

I’m winding down with a strong cup of black tea and two Hershey’s miniature dark chocolate bars with crushed almonds in them. Since I started moving into retirement, I’ve spent a lot less time with people, less time listening and less time in dialogue. Nearly three years, now.

The only time I have coffee/tea, most weeks, is totally by myself. Even more so, since Al and I decided that we would not go out to eat every week, but only once or twice during the month.

I miss having customers coming in, pouring coffee for us, and talking first about what’s been happening in their lives. Not having people around on a daily basis is like not having any mirrors. We actually don’t have any mirrors in our house, anyhow, except for the wall cabinet in the bathroom. How strange!

On the other hand, it is nice to be able to breathe properly, again. I seldom need to use the albuterol and nebulizer anymore. Some constraints are totally inflexible, and having  fragrance and other chemical sensitivities is pretty absolute. One can breathe or one gets sick and dies. Still, I do miss being around people.

It has been a somewhat successful evening. I’ve finished washing and drying nearly all the kitchen stuff, including the wash cloths and towels, and I’ve also finished off the last of the gallon of milk we bought two days ago.

Supper was special. Different, anyway. I baked 7.5 oz of wild-caught red sockeye salmon from a can and mixed it with gluten-free quinoa macaroni and some sort of artificial cheese sauce powder, which I stirred into a quarter cup of half-and-half. (See above: I finished the milk.) Hadn’t realized that one could get the whole thing ready to eat in under ten minutes.

Idle thoughts of the day, here: Is there some sort of generally universal understanding of what being male or female feels like? How would it feel different? Can/do people automatically identify who is what? Or which group they belong to? How does one know?

Sunday, we are going out briefly to pick up meat and milk. I am going to try to keep my mouth shut. When I have been a long time away from people, I tend to babble. Oy!


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