Leisure after chores

We had to rush, this morning, in order to get to the grocery and butcher shop before Al had to go to work (volunteer) at the marksmanship center. I have gotten the rump roast into the oven and am contemplating starting the process of making the yogurt. I used to make it every week, but that’s slackened off a bit over the allergy season.

I would like to tell you about the Ronovan Writes site, where I now am engaged in writing an English-form Haiku each week, using Ronovan’s pair of words as the prompt. It fits well with the other weekly challenge I engage in: Poetry 101 Rehab, originally begun by Mara Eastern and now hosted by Andy Townend. I like the 5-7-5 form, although I did during the past six months purchase a book that tells me what haiku really are and how I should be writing them.

I discovered 5-7-5 haiku during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in college, when I had gotten out of the hospital and had to catch up on a semester’s work. In addition to the 17-syllable requirement, in those days the first and last lines were also to rhyme. It was that next semester (May-July) when I made up the incomplete fall semester and the missed January-April semester, by completing 24 credit hours of courses. I finished incompletes in organic chemistry and calculus III, and during the second term of summer school, switched to a Major in English Literature and Composition. I also completed my humanities requirement twice over by taking macro and micro economics, introduction to psychology and abnormal psych. Economics turned out to be fascinating! Who’da thunk it?

I turned to English as a major mostly because I had already read most of the material, because I enjoyed writing, and because my father’s high school English teacher was teaching news writing I. It’s funny, in a way, because my lowest percentile rank on the ACT test in high school was for English. When we took the Iowa Basics in fifth grade, my academic life fell apart. I’d been muddling along, getting A’s in Conduct, Penmanship, and Effort, but not much else. The Iowa Basics clued them in that my reading was at the college sophomore level. The school system began to have expectations of me. Not good! They should have caught on earlier. Like, when my first-grade teacher, when my first soap-carving project for art was a fossilized trilobite, taken from an article I’d just read about the finding of a rock layer of them in the Rocky Mountains…or in that area. When the teacher told me that there was no such thing, now make something real, I turned it into a coracle. Also imaginary!

The education system and I never did get to feeling comfortable with one another. Ah, well!

I had best check on the roast and heat milk for yogurt.

I think this is working. Blithering is relaxing, even if nobody is reading or responding. It is truth! Even though I prefer conversation, I can get a lot out of just talking to myself.


And you?

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