A late start, a big cup of coffee

While I knew that I would be up at a reasonable hour, this morning, I expect I didn’t leave enough time for coffee consumption before my first appointment. I made half a pot of coffee and poured a couple cups into a large mug, and then added about a cup of milk. I’m counting that as breakfast. I’ve next to put caps on the yogurt jars, because it’s time to take the jars from the incubator and put them into the refrigerator.

Out of the shower, I let the dog outside. The temperature is cool and comfortable, and the sky is overcast. I look forward to days like this. I’d happily do without hot summer, if we could trade off those months for a crisp autumn. Love the green, love the mist in the morning and the rain showers close to sunset.

Hope your day’s a good one!


And you?

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