A bright, clear day


I woke up early, this morning, fed Samantha and took a couple of pictures of the day outside my door, and then came back to my bed-sitting room to relax. Used the coffeemaker to brew coffee…which should be ready, now. Time for a visit to the kitchen. I’ll be right back!

Sunlight in the Treetops
Sunlight in the Treetops

What I Want to Remember

I posted my first #BeWoW inspirational post on another of my blogs,* just after midnight. It’s an article that I wrote for and which was published in Moondance, winter edition of 2001. I don’t do a lot of “proclaiming” anymore. I have become much more aware of handing out advice in the process of retreating into retirement. People don’t need words from me. They need more, I think, to dare to look at life realistically and accept the consequences that come with decision making and acting on their decisions. Life is not cheap, and the interest to be paid by postponing consequences can be pretty high.

I need a better way of making hardboiled eggs; the membrane sticks to the surface of the egg, rather than coming off with the shell. I do believe I’ve failed, now, using every infallible method on Earth. I do love hardboiled eggs, not just for breakfast, but also on green salads.

Our dental appointment reminder card has not yet arrived, and I’m afraid we might not have appointment dates scheduled, yet. I must call the dentist’s office to find out.


The coffee tastes pretty good this morning—I added milk—and the dog has commandeered a goodly portion of my breakfast egg.


*Quilted Poetry, if I remember correctly.



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