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My poem “Race to the End” has been published in the latest quarterly edition of Star*Line (38.4, October 2015). I’ve received my digital copy and am looking forward to receiving a contributor’s copy for my library.

About Star*Line:
“In January 1978, Suzette Haden Elgin founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association, along with its two visible cornerposts: the Rhysling Awards and the association’s newsletter, Star*Line.    Star*Line has become not only an SFPA forum and networking tool, but a literary magazine for poets of the genre persuasion: imaginative poetry from hard science fiction to high fantasy, from the macabre to straight science, and from rigid formalism to experimental and surrealist works.”

4 thoughts on “Poem published

    1. If you would like to read the Editor’s Choice poems for current and back issues, you can find them here: http://www.sfpoetry.com/starline.html – Click on an issue cover to see the table of contents. The colored items are clickable links that will bring up a frame with the entire text of the corresponding poem. Hope you will find some that you like.

      On most pages, the left menu, toward the bottom, contains a Markets link where you can find paying (and non-paying) markets for SF and related genre poetry and a list of some speculative poetry presses.


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