I did it!

I found a 5 star M4A –> MP3 audio converter and converted the poetry file I’d received in M4A format, so that we can use it on the Halloween Poetry Reading page.  And then I discovered that my Windows 10 software defaults to M4A also, and there don’t seem to be any conversion apps with Win10. So I have solved that problem, also. I just need, now, to record a perfect Audio file of the poem that I wrote tonight for the Halloween Poetry Reading page, convert it, and send it off. Then all will be good.

I am not drinking coffee, tonight, because I have hopes of getting another good night’s sleep. (Last night I finally fell into a deep sleep after putting on a v. light t-shirt and covering up with the good quilt.) The temperature is delightfully cool, now that we’re getting into frost territory at night. I do so love the cooler temperatures.

Going to get a glass of apple juice, brush my teeth, and go to bed. I think.


And you?

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