It took some doing

I have managed to find one laptop computer online that includes all of my “must have” components. Hopefully, there will be no specs stated that are not in truth included in the asking price. The computer has shut down and rebooted twice, today.

Since I awoke at 9:00 this morning, I have had only one cup of coffee. It is my hope that some is left in the pot for me to reheat with milk.

The Halloween Poetry Reading Page has its last contribution up until more people submit their audio files, mine and my co-editor’s are the last ones in the column so far, for a total of nine. I think that the last of the submissions should be on the page by sometime on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “It took some doing

  1. I hope the computer is just what you need and like. The Hallowe’en contest going on over at the SFPA site is terrific. Unfortunately, I have no recording equipment on my old thing. I can pretty much write and download. But I think your association is promising, especially since science fiction poetry is an important genre. Good luck! Thanks!


    • Thank you! Glad you like the Halloween page. The SFPA has been around since 1978, started by Suzette Haden Elgin. A membership with PDF publications instead of paper is only $15/year. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed being a member. I’m glad that’s an option, since it lets me enlarge the pages for comfortable reading.

      I am resting before making my purchase. A little thinking time. A lot of money.


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