Awake, now | The Second Cup of Coffee

I woke up, this morning, at a little after 9 o’clock. Again, I slept quite soundly. A bit of trouble breathing immediately upon wakening, but improving.

Yesterday, I wrote my poem for the Poetry 101 Rehab weekly challenge, and on Monday, my weekly “haiku” for RonovanWrites. My poem and bio are up at the SFPA Halloween Poetry Reading page (Halloween Awakening).

Now that I have picked out the computer I want to order, my blood oxygen level is down, and my pulse rate is up, and so I am waiting to submit my order until I’m feeling calm about it and sure that I won’t make mistakes in the ordering process. Or change my mind.

Patience are us? No, not really!

And I have a terrible time with decision making, sometimes.


And you?

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