Good Morning! | A New Month

Before I put the coffee on to brew for my husband, I made for myself a large cup of Toddy coffee using milk instead of water. It was very good.

I think that I have untangled the software on my new computer. I have deleted all of the apps having to do with the manufacturer’s portal, shopping and Build Your Own Cloud functions, along with the Avast and McAfee programs bundled with the computer. For the first time McAfee uninstalled properly (I’m pretty sure). And I had no trouble getting Windows Defender going; it started automatically, once I’d uninstalled McAfee. Also, since my other “device” is about five feet away from me, I don’t need their proprietary Cloud service; it is not to be used for storage (items there for more than 30 days are deleted). After consulting the support desk via email, their advice was to go ahead and delete the apps I expected not to use and to sign out of their portal. It was interesting to find that Windows Defender identified one of the “services” on the computer as malware and removed it. I found several others that I found questionable, including a (commercial?) VPN that according to several sites, only functions when using that company’s antivirus software.

The weather for Halloween trick-or-treaters was windy, but the temperature was not, itself, terribly low. There weren’t a lot of kids over the course of the evening. Our light was on from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m. As usual, Al removed the storm window for the bottom panel of the front door, and Samantha had a wonderful time, paws on the bottom sill and being petted by the children who came to the door. One couple brought along their two large dogs, however, and I held onto Sam’s collar and moved her to her kennel while keeping her from screaming at them. My cocker spaniel the GSD!

The 10th Annual SFPA Halloween Poetry Reading, 2015 edition, was uploaded early on Tuesday, and I hope that it is enjoying lots of visitors. As a co-editor, I got to listen to all of the audio files that were submitted; only two poems were rejected, this year, for content, and I requested only one re-recording for sound quality. It went well. … I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do it again. I’ve been editor for eight out of the ten years, and co-editor this year. I think that’s enough.

Sometimes things are haphazard. A year ago in August, while I was still Vice President, one on the volunteers emails list had said that a calendar keeper was needed to maintain a list of all activities with deadlines and send out timely reminders, so that annual happenings would not slip through the cracks. I piped up with “That’s something that I could do!” I vaguely remember getting a positive-ish response, but no follow-up with a list of recurring events for which I could track down the related coordinators and/or notificants and gather previous deadlines. I believe that it was just recently announced that they had found someone willing to take on those duties. I assume from that, that even when nominally an office holder, I am low enough profile to be ignored totally. On whole, I find that both convenient and reassuring, although somewhat irritating when waiting for a follow-up that never follows.


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