Already afternoon?

Just sat down with my first cup of coffee from today’s pot. There was enough from yesterday’s to have a couple cups of reheated coffee.

I have been washing 6-oz. yogurt jars. And along with that, I have put away the dishes that I washed on Wednesday. It’s raining, here, and has been for most of the morning. I should have gone out to the gazebo to turn on the space heater, but I did not. The laptop battery has discharged enough that I need to plug it in for a while before taking it anywhere without its leash. We should be coming into heavier rain any moment, from the looks of the radar.

This has been a plentiful series of months with new books by favorite authors coming out. Today I am to receive the last book* in what had until now been my favorite series: The Trade Pact Universe. (I was mentioned as the captain of the starship Dashing Boy in book three.) There have been indications that this final book will be much darker. I had not anticipated that.

I had preordered the hardcover edition as soon as the option was available at B&N. I now am hesitant to read it. I think I will take a short break from rereading all of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover novels to read the last few chapters of Julie’s book, and put it aside again, while I decide whether I want to start at the beginning.

Finding myself in the midst of a rereading binge, I expect that I have been feeling stressed out and so have retreated into revisiting my “comfort” books. This is not a bad thing. Except that my “To Be Read” stack is getting out of hand. My eyesight has gotten bad enough that I cannot read paper books for any length of time, so this is actually a decision of whether or not to buy the ebook edition.

Person and puppy are stirring in the other room. I should get up and check on them. The fresh coffee is ready for the one who drinks it.


 *I had misunderstood. This book is, rather, the first book in the final trilogy of the series.


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