Coffee Break at 2:45 A.M.

Celebrating a productive day, here! I washed the towels and wash cloths, and then set the washing machine to the “clean” cycle. Hopefully that will do something constructive. Like cleaning the coffee maker, it’s a chore that doesn’t get put on the “To Do” list.

I finally caught up enough on rest that I tackled the dish washing. I’ve caught up with everything, now, but the 23 dirty yogurt jars. Well, they’re clean, but not “sterile” clean, and I need them to be, before I make more yogurt. Which I’ve got time for, because I put a fresh batch into the refrigerator, this afternoon.

On Tuesday, Al had another appointment with the dentist, for a filling, and so I rode along. He dropped me off at my parents’ place, and so Mother and I got a chance to visit. As usual I came away with more goodies. This time, practice squares for quilting, a full-size sheet that was handed down from someone; probably from her mother, and a pair of tiny stuffed bears dressed in kilts and tams.

I also have the email address of Mother’s friend who’s been helping her with her new sewing machine, which is a back to basics model. I’ve got her fancy machine, now, and her friend is willing to help me learn how to use it. Once I get things straightened enough here at home that I will have a place to set it up.

All of the construction is done, now, in the basement, so it’s just a matter of being sure that the basement is set to welcome the return of its stuff.

I’m not so worried about them, now. Mother seems much steadier on her feet, and Dad’s set to head out into the rain and do the grocery shopping, Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I have been playing with the flower photographs again, and that is much fun.



2 thoughts on “Coffee Break at 2:45 A.M.

  1. This is pleasantly detailed reading (well, you wrote it first to be read). And not only because I took on loads of dishes two days ago. It’s an invitation into a life. A life that’s moving along. More often than not, I think we can ask and even strive for little more. How satisfying. Thank you!

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    • Thank you! This is rather my “real me” blog, as opposed to being goal oriented. Except that it is, really. Until now I have let other people assign to me and use nicknames as they chose. Finally using the name/nickname I’ve thought of as being mine since the mid 1970s.

      I spent 15+ years (the “corporate environment” period of my life) with a nickname I barely tolerated. It was good, though, in a way, because when I left, I left the name behind, too, to start 30 years as a freelance worker. That was quite liberating! However, another nickname was assigned to me, and I went along with it.

      I retired, a few years ago, and now I’m exploring what changes this time when I leave an environment and another name behind. My choice, this time. 🙂


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