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Light My Path | Poem, early 1970s

The paper–ink combination in the the collection of my poetry that my sister had was not good. I have thought that I would post the ones that I do not have elsewhere to this blog, just so I know where they are, and then, when I get a number of them put together, I will make pages of them. (I have also posted this more recently, in January 2016.)

The first poem is “Light my Path”, written, I believe, in the early to middle 1970s. I wrote a lot of “prayer” poetry.

“Light my Path”
by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld

Light my path, dear Lord, and light
my heart with your Spirit.
Fill me with a love and trust in you
so I can walk your paths, singing joy
over rocks and through rivers,
my eyes on the ground where next I step
and on you, my guide and goal,
leaving all between today and
eternity in your hands.


Note: I think this might be the one that Decision Magazine wanted to buy, but with changes that would have altered the meaning. I was pleased, but decided not to sell the poem after all. I wasn’t so much into publication in those days (well, I guess I’m still not) as I was interested in finding out if the feedback on any of my writings was positive.


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