Already Evening

I totally forgot that there were television programs this evening that I had planned to watch. (I didn’t eat supper, either.) I did, however, have homemade yogurt with sliced banana for breakfast and a store-bought Italian stuffed green pepper from the meat department. Both very good.

Today, I washed underwear and socks. I had planned on washing sheets, also, but I am not sure I want to stay up that late to remake the bed. Although I have slept through quite a bit of the day, I still hope to get to bed at a reasonable time and get out shopping for warmer tops and skirts for the winter season.

I have finished my Ronovan Writes haiku for the week (Crane&Gold – link to my poem on my poetry site: Domestic Chores), but have not yet taken up the Poetry 101 Rehab prompt: “missing”. Too many good possibilities. Gonna think on it for a while. I have thought, and here is “What’s Missing?”

I would, I think, enjoy scrambled eggs, red potatoes (baked in a baking sack in the microwave), and one of the too-many hamburgers that we also got at the meat counter over the weekend. If I don’t get up and fix supper now, it will be past midnight. Al bought lots of frozen lasagna. I imagine that is what he’s planning on for supper; if not, he would have mentioned something about meal expectations before he went out shopping.  Al came home, and I fried a burger for him. They’re very good!



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