Last Cup of the Day

Tea, it is, at the end of the day. Darjeeling! The large coffee/tea mugs that I bought have handles that are stuck on, rather than part of the whole. Last year, one lost its handle as I was removing it from the microwave. (Evidently, in spite of labeling, not microwaveable.) I must put the rest of those mugs aside, now that a second shows signs of disassociation, and brew my tea in a tea pot or glass measuring cup.

I rescued the Toddy coffee from its brewing container only half an hour late, this morning. I have enough concentrate from the last batch for tomorrow morning’s cup. Ahead of the game.

Also, I’ve managed, since the washing of the yogurt jars, to keep up with the dish washing, which includes washing up items right after using them. That will work until the first time one of us cooks a meal on short time. ::grin::

This evening, I backed up my files from the new Acer notebook computer onto an external hard drive and the large-capacity flash drive that Al got for me, a couple weeks ago. I also copied my photos onto the new computer, making sure this time to avoid copying a folder more than once. Had that problem when I got my desktop computer, and I’m still weeding stuff out.

Sunday was a quiet day. A lot of thinking. Several long naps. I enjoyed reading the review of the haiku challenge responses at RonovanWrites (WP blog). I enjoy Ron’s challenges particularly, because they are fairly interactive. Although I notice that Poetry 101 Rehab is generating more discussions, lately, also.

We might, if I am well, go to the Veterans Day observance in my home town on Wednesday. We always do Memorial Day, but not the November holiday. Of course, Dad (and offspring, each in our turn) prepared the cemetery grounds for the Memorial Day service, mowing the lawns, clipping grass around the stones, making sure there was water available for people who came out beforehand to place or plant flowers…and, I expect, take up the ground squirrel traps.

My father used metal dowsing rods to locate water pipes, unmarked graves and such. My sister who lives in New England prepared a high school science project on the use and reliability of the method. Dowsing resurfaced shortly after I had graduated from college as part of paranormal research. My philosophy adviser was involved in that, along with a friend of his who taught psychology at the university a few blocks away from the 4-year college I attended. Also, much talk about Edgar Cayce.  College in the 60s. Ah!

One thought on “Last Cup of the Day

  1. Hmmm. I make coffee in a coffeemaker and steep water in a kettle for tea. Someday I’ll get ready to live in the twentieth century and then, you know, the century we live in now.

    Of course, you have vicarious experience with dowsing rods and automatic writing. I appreciate the artifact quality of that.

    I was writing someone in England today and forgot we share, Americans and English and other Europeans, a holiday this week. They tend to call it Decoration Day and even Armistice Day. We’ll call it Veterans Day and celebrate beyond or in addition to the experience of the First World War. I hope the observation in your place goes well. My father was in the other forgotten war, the one in Korea. But my oldest brother was an officer in the Army, and my grandfathers served in both World Wars. So it’s mostly a good day for commemoration. Enjoy. And thanks for sharing all you share!

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