Late to the game . . .

We didn’t wake up until close to Noon on Sunday, with Al scheduled for the two o’clock shift at the marksmanship center. I made coffee and drank some of it, and then, once Al was out the door, Samantha (A. Cocker Spaniel) and I took a nap, not waking again until after six o’clock.

I am sleepy enough, now, to end the day, now that I have a cup of Toddy coffee half drunk and a square of dark chocolate beside me. Samantha is tucked away in her kennel, now, rather than sleeping on my office chair. She slept in my lap for most of the evening while I alternated between fruit juice and water glasses and reread a couple more Darkover books by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

I discovered when reading the new preface to the one I am now reading that Bradley gave up on one of my favorites, when preparing it for the new edition, and simply rewrote the whole thing. when she started writing, but I must have started reading the Darkover books close to when they started coming out. (My dad was pretty good about checking out any books I wanted to read that were “too mature” for me according to age group.)

I woke up Sunday with a raw throat. Must continue to keep the respiratory system hydrated, so I don’t spend this December in bed with bronchitis and sinus/ear problems, like I did last December.

Going to check my email, now, and go to sleep.


One thought on “Late to the game . . .

  1. I hope you remain healthy. Sounds as if you a number of things helping, such as the company of Samantha. If shes in your office chair (a pleasant image, well, to imagine), maybe she’ll help with the work. Though I’m thinking that in her way she helps already. The Mists of Avalon is the work by Bradley with which I’m most familiar. I don’t know if that’s representative. Thanks!


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