A Meeting that Didn’t Happen

An odd occurrence of the day. Two crows flew in at this time of the afternoon when the darkness begins to show its face. Also, clouds moved in again, rain began once more to fall, and the winds picked up.

The crows landed in the top branches of the cottonwood tree across the back fence where they normally gather in this part of town, and the larger crow took a large breath, and cawed and then cawed louder with his wings widespread. Undoubtedly to make him look much larger as he sent out his “We Are Meeting Here” call.

And then the wind caught his wings and he began to blow away. By the time he got his beak down to the branch on which he stood, the wind had blown him off of his feet and he was hanging there, holding on by his beak, tucking his wings in tightly and trying to regain his perch.

Happened every time he spread his wings and sent out his call. After watching half a dozen repetitions, it dawned on me that I should have had my camera with me. Alas! by the time I returned with it, the top crow and his aide had departed. Presumably, under their own power…but maybe not.

It was unkind of me, but I did laugh.


2 thoughts on “A Meeting that Didn’t Happen

    • Caught that, did you? LOL! The crow community, the murder of crows, has always seemed to be more of a military unit than a cozy of civilians out for a picnic. They even hunt for pebbles and stones in loose formation!

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