Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee together, this weekend, we would most likely be sitting at the kitchen table, where the window looks out onto the street that runs past our house. This afternoon we have Toddy coffee made with milk or filtered water. The water is hot for tea, with a choice of Darjeeling, Oolong, or Orange Pekoe. Also, red seedless grapes.

I awakened a little after nine-thirty, this morning, but didn’t brew coffee until I heard my husband’s alarm clock ring. Between the two of us, we’ve drunk six cups of coffee, so far. I like brewed coffee with lots of milk (or half-and-half, if there’s some to hand).

Even though I awoke of my own accord, I find myself still sleepy. I’m thinking that going shooting (target pistol shooting) while feeling wrung out would be counterproductive. I have allergies, including problems with antihistamines and decongestants, and chemical/fragrance sensitivities, and so I often isolate.

The week has been filled with ups and downs. I have written some nice poems, I think, but nothing past the two weekly challenges in which I participate. (“Mouse Dreams” is one, which I posted here as well as on my poetry blog.) We had ferocious winds, early in the week, with gusts on several days 50 miles an hour or more. The sky was filled with dust. Much better when the ground was dampened by rain, and then lightly coated with snow. I imagine that the snow will melt away, tomorrow.

On Thursday evening, Al and I attended the annual Volunteers Appreciation Dinner. This year, we didn’t have it catered, but instead, the members of the Board of Directors planned, cooked and served a very nice dinner with fantastic desserts. I could eat all but the scalloped potatoes, desserts, and dinner rolls, which left a nice selection. Roast pork, raw veggies, salad and corn. It was good. Sponsors donated gifts for an after-dinner drawing. Also something new: BINGO after all of the other activities were finished. We had a lovely time visiting with friends and acquaintances, and also with several couples that I had not met until now.

I have taken a break from rereading Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover novels to read a couple of cozy mysteries, and also The Brontë Plot by Katherine Reay. This is her third book, and each of them unique, but all are well worth reading. I like fantasy, science fiction, cozy mysteries, but not, generally, romance. What books have you been reading, lately?

After I finish my coffee, here, and following my nap, I will tackle the dish-washing, and then make a pasta casserole for us to eat over the next few days. I think, chili, slices of tamales, and mixed, frozen vegetables.

Best wishes for the coming week!

SpO2=95, P=72 bpm



9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Sounds like a pretty good week, though sorry to her that you’ve had trouble with your allergies. I know how that goes–I take an allergy pill daily to keep mine in check, and sometimes they still spin out of control.

    I’m in the middle of Gold Fame Citrus right now, and I’m really enjoying it. Next up is Fates and Furies.

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    • Thank you, and my sympathies! Allergies! Bah! Your book choices look interesting, and far off my sought-out reading. I am slowly adding to a list of promising books, however, for when I once more can handle not-happy endings. That said, I expect you would like Reay’s books. Also, a couple more authors whose names will not come to me at this moment. ::sigh::

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  2. Sorry to hear about your allergies and hope you feel better soon.
    I am reading Steven King’s “On Writing”, although my reading has been equally sidetracked by a severe hailstorm, which resulted in over 60 holes in part of our roof and rain damage and totally rearranging the office. Found it again today and intend to pick up where I left off xx Rowena

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    • I am waiting patiently for half a foot of snow, which should help with the allergies. Thank you. Are you enjoying Steven King’s book? I have read only a few memoirs over the decades, and even fewer books by King. I’ve hesitated to put it on my “To Buy” list. (I have easily dissuaded myself in part on the grounds that I am a poet, not a writer of prose.)

      So sorry about the roof. We are prone to hail here in eastern North Dakota USA, also, and had our roof reshingled five years ago, or so. This year we added dirt around the house to encourage the rain not to run into the basement, and this fall, replaced the gutters and downspouts. I am eager for snow to fall instead of rain and sleet. I hope that the repair work has gone swiftly. Living with disruption of living space is, for me, distraction of all aspects of life.

      Thank you for dropping by!



      • Great to hear from you, Lizl. Stephen KIng’s book is really good, not just from a writing fiction perspective but also being in the same headspace as another writer and he has some great tips. I’ve never read any of his books and was surprisingly impressed by his writing style. So, I think you could gain at least a bit. Who knows, perhaps you might also venture into fiction.
        I try not to label or limit myself too much because you never know what the muse will dish up and it could go totally against all your pre-conceived ideas of yourself. I’ve written songs where the words and lyrics just seemed to come out of nowhere. Have you heard Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on creativity? It’s excellent! http://www.npr.org/2014/10/03/351554044/where-does-creativity-come-from
        Take care xx Rowena

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      • I have read a few of King’s books. The only one that I liked was *Duma Key* (2008). My husband, who has read more of King’s work and also did not like his stuff, also thinks that *Duma Key* is marvelous.

        I identify with your experience of song lyrics/poems appearing as though by magic, as though dictating themselves line by line. It never ceases to amaze me. (Of course, it doesn’t always, but it’s good when it does, isn’t it!)



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