A late night

I have switched to water, it’s having gotten so late. I enjoyed reading posts for the Weekend Coffee Share. I have read some of the posts over many months, and I decided that I would enjoy taking part. It will take some time to adjust to the rhythm of it.

Sunday, I felt much better than I had on Friday and Saturday, even though I slept quite a bit. We sent out for some shopping sometime—I do not remember what day—at Fleet Farm, where I replaced my worn-out moccasins with a new pair, same size and color, and bought another pair of denim blue jeans, same size and color as the two worn-out pair in my bureau. Then we went to the store we no longer frequent, and they have quit yammering about customers without membership cards not getting any of the advertised discounts. I loaded up on salads enough to last through the end of the month. Al bought more soup. We also made a stop at the grocery in the “rich” neighborhood one town over, and we found complete selections of the French jams and preserves in the brand I was looking for (former source now stocks only store brand and Smuckers) and a wonderful selection of gluten-free organic soups in flavors of which I was not aware. I am so pleased.

Early evening, Sunday, we went to the restaurant on a “goodies run”. I chose a banana split as my treat, and Al ordered a waffle with maple syrup. That was very much fun. One of our friends is training in on all the jobs and shifts, there; management, now, and working the busy shift. Fun to see her there. Usually she works day shifts. Got a little catching up conversation in there.

Note to myself: 2:58 a.m.
SpO2=97%, P=71 bpm
Great happiness!


And you?

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