Tuesday Afternoon – 24th

The household slept through the morning and into the afternoon, most peacefully, including Samantha and Flea (the little “Minnie Fleas”, and also Lamb Chop, Sam’s extended toy menagerie). I did not wake up until noonish. It was quite restful. Al has gone off to take part in bulls-eye practice. I am not feeling up to that, yet, in spite of the numbers, below, representing vitals. Last year the cough at the end of the allergy season slid into three weeks of bronchitis at the beginning of December. Believe I will limit myself to day-time target practice and leave formal bulls-eye practice until after the last of the holiday season’s toxic exposures first of the year.

I have taken care of several chores in the interim. First, I contacted NY Times to remind them that they charged me for another month’s subscription before the expiration of the last billing period by two days; on the day between advance payment and expiration of billing period, I had canceled my subscription.  It will take them two to three weeks to refund the money to my credit card.

Yesterday, I called to cancel my account with my commercial web host, two thirds of the way through my contract. They had, I think, put into place a two-tiered service just after I renewed my contract in March, offering for an additional price per domain for fast enough speeds to accommodate WordPress. I remember seeing the advertising notice go by and checking it out; I was not aware that the difference had become so … noticeable.

Please note that all things having to do with QuiltedPoetry.COM are no longer answering to or being answered by me or mine, other than the domain name’s not running out until sometime in 2017. I intend not to pick it up again. ETA: The hosting company has now sent a confirmation note, saying that my stuff is gone from their server and confirming that no additional charges are due.

Since I had already retired and no longer needed commercial hosting, and since the only web activity I was hosting there were personal writing activities (private WordPress installation) and what was to become my primary poetry WordPress site (quiltedpoetry.com), and also, that my energy level was not up to picking up any more for-profit activities to pay the bill, I thought it better to eliminate it now and avoid the temptation to increase my online activities (and fees) during my allergen-free months, only to drop the activities once more amidst the falling tree pollen.

I have finished The Brontë Plot, and am now halfway through The Goblin Emperor (reread) by Katherine Addison (pen name of Sarah Monette).

Having eaten the rest of the yogurt from the jar that supplied a teaspoon of it to put atop Samantha’s dog food, I find that I am hungry, again. Yogurt…casserole…cajun sausage and baked potato, next? Or breakfast cereal? Definitely more coffee! I think I’ll treat myself to Toddy coffee with milk instead of filtered water.

SpO2 = 98%, P = 68 bpm


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon – 24th

    • Thanks! . . . the “LSP” tag on my sites indicates my ongoing “Life Simplification Process”. I strive to achieve that, at least, in what I do.

      I do love the toddy coffee. ::sigh::


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