Thanksgiving not as planned

Reheated coffee with half-and-half. Third cup.

stepping/paving stone, light frost and snow, fallen leaves
Stepping Stone

Thanksgiving Day

The day did not go as expected. I was dressed and ready to leave for the family dinner forty minutes before the deadline we had chosen. I look forward to these family gatherings. Al has nephews and their families immediate to us, and also a brother-in-law and two sisters. I am not allergic to their homes per se; usually, aside from their remodeling and home improvement projects, I cope well at either home. We were twenty minutes early, and so settled in to visit with people as they arrived.

Today…this evening didn’t work out well. Allergic to hot turkey grease in the air, and this year the dinner included turkey, rather than ham. And as each family group arrived, fragrances came in with them. Everyone was gathering in one spot for dinner, this year, and living and dining rooms were full of tables and chairs. By the time I figured out I was in trouble, I was shaking enough that I had to be helped up and into my jacket, which Al brought from the other room. Bent over double, hanging on to people, tables and chairs as I passed them on my way to the door, and collapsed on a brother-in-law’s shoulder. I felt like a billiard ball, banking, bouncing off the table’s sides on my ragged path to an exit from the containing wall.

Thirty three minutes from entrance to exit. Not a record, but not there long enough for everyone to arrive before my leaving. Another household and another single relative…I missed them entirely. ETA: Al says that it is indeed a new record. (⌣_⌣”)

However, Al brought home a care package that included gluten-free Rice Krispy bars, turkey, and Erika (nephew’s wife) sent along a generous container of her wonderful mashed potatoes with cream cheese, as well as extra potatoes, gravy and stuffings, which Al can eat, from the others’ contributions.

All told, I ended up taking three showers, today, and had a lovely nap while awaiting Al’s return with my supper.

And after that, SpO2 = 99%, P = 75 bpm. A nice, quick recovery. Progress!


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