Autumn Chores |This Week’s Goal

winterizing the gazebo

Actually, I’d planned to get to this earlier in the month, but real life intervened. Late this afternoon, I got the foam blocks out of the gardening shed and inserted them under the eaves of the gazebo roof. It may seem heartless to shut the birds, &c., out of the gazebo in the cold weather, but it’s not. Once in there, many birds cannot find their way out again and exhaust themselves beating against the windows instead. And few will fly out the door when one of us opens it.

I forgot to look, but I think I’ve left room this year enough that small birds can sit on the wall-top ledges on the leeward side of the building on the outside. Also, one of our four cotoneaster shrubs is sheltered in part by the garden shed, and there are many branches at all heights to serve as sheltered perches. With snowdrift pattern here, the wind piles snow in higher drifts between the house and both the gazebo and the garden shed during a storm. I also am thinking seriously about moving the garden borders (they’re about the size of railroad ties) nearer to the gazebo to keep the paths open to sheltered sections between the ground supports under the gazebo.

Base and supporting boards for gazebo floor
Base and supporting boards for gazebo floor

You many notice a depression to the lower left of the photo. The first part of the project was to bury a conduit in case we decided to add hardwired Internet and telephones. It was 2003, and we had just gotten our first cell phones the previous year, so we were using DSL. And I was still working full time and wanted to have my business line, which was hardwired, available when I was working in the gazebo. We didn’t want wires trailing across the grass or any more suspended through the air.

Tried out my new yogurt maker, and it works. My goal for the weekend, now, is to get all the dishes washed. I did get the birthday card mailed to Dad for his 99th birthday, tomorrow. As he says, “entering my 100th year of life.”

My eyes are still giving me trouble, and I mostly have been staying away from the computer. Tonight, I am planning to watch Grimm, and then start in on the dishes. Al volunteered to be a Range Safety Office for Ladies’ Night at the shooting range, tonight, and so I will have free range of the space for “doing”.


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