Weekend Coffee Share | December 13

ice in the tree branches, reflecting the morning sunlightWelcome! I could use a coffee break, this weekend. I’ve been around people a lot, this week, or so it seems, but generally life has been a blur, and I feel disoriented. I have missed a lot of posts on WordPress, Facebook, &c., and the interactions that proceed from them.

I have had problems with eyesight for a number of years. (I need to make an appointment, since I’ve also lost my good eyeglasses.) More often, I am inside and reading from the computer or one of the tablets. Instead of taking a break routinely, I lose track of time and do not quit writing until I no longer can see. Trying to break that habit now. Also, my eyes are irritated when I encounter fragrances or chemical fumes or dust particles, adding to the strain.

I don’t always feel motivated when so much of my environment is “me” generated and narrowly focused. I missed the interactions of the family gathering at Thanksgiving Day dinner because of there being too many people and too much, too many fragrances in the air. And a friend came over wearing a perfume that was overwhelming, although if I had not still been recovering from Thanksgiving, most likely would not have bothered me.

There have been good times in the midst. My brother, next in line in order of age, has begun a dialogue about health histories in our family. Although he has only one child of his blood, that son already has more than several children. Large families are part of our living patterns, just as strenuous physical activities, instrumental and vocal studies and performance by way of recreation, reading (science fiction emphasis-my fault as a role model), writing, and volunteer work run in our families.

I was able (at the cost of some eyestrain) to do a couple of computer projects for friends, which was fun! The second friend also has fragrance and chemical sensitivities, and so we were able to spend much time visiting together. I realize how very much I need one-on-one social interactions. Because most of my social interaction has been with clients-inevitable, given more than 30 years of freelance work-I hesitate to initiate contacts.

No matter how congenial relationships were, I find that sorting out business relationships from friendships is…dicey. I work at it, but…I think that making a physical list and hanging it somewhere handy would help. (My fragrance exposures also involve some temporary loss of short-term memory.) Actually, there is another area where connections are blurred. Many of the people I know are those I worked with at various churches over the decades. A primary source of friendship-type relationships. Without the church connection, there have not been ongoing acquaintanceships.

Al and I got out for a grocery shopping stop and also went through three stores looking for replacements for our soup bowls and mugs that have started to show cracks or whose handles are breaking loose due to years of microwaving. It is disconcerting to have a cup of hot soup take a header, splash and all. Replacements means tossing favorite dishware, which has come as a shock to my husband, but it must be done.

And I have meandered through two cups of coffee. I hope that you’ve enjoyed yours. I do so wish for interactions, but this also is welcome to me. I may not get to reading other folks’ posts, now. I need to rest my eyes. Ah, my!

I hope that you have a wonderful week, full of only enjoyable surprises.


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | December 13

  1. I have a lot of eye problems, too. I recently discovered (through woot.com) that they make something called “computer glasses” which help with the eye strain. I bought some on amazon for $11 and they make a huge difference. I even wear them right over my regular eyeglasses. They have a very slight tint (I can’t even notice it) and are anti glare. They make it possible for me to sit and read from the computer or my tablet or phone for long periods of time without hurting my eyes or effecting my focus. You might see if you can find some of those. Even a little help is good.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. The computer I bought, middle of October, does have BlueLight™ Shield, which I’m using on the “High Reduction” setting. Is it the blue light that the filter’s for? I did have anti-fluorescent coating and the stuff that darkens in the sunlight on my glasses. The prescription is long out of date; I need to find a new eye doctor. ::sigh:: While I don’t do business with Amazon.com, I can call around for something in metal. I’ve never had to use prescription lenses for computer-distance reading. Appreciate the tip!


  2. Wow, a wish only for enjoyable surprises. How wonderful. Thank you! Coffee is part of my morning ritual anymore, and thankfully I nearly always like drinking it. Even making it. If you don’t read this for a while or ever, that’s fine. Eye strain is disconcerting. My sister had that problem in a severe way after suffering a mini-stroke. She did get a new prescription, and she also uses a transparency sheet placed over the computer screen. That sheet has been providentially handy, since my sister has to work on the computer every day and for long whiles. The transparencies are different colors, naturally enough, which my sister and her doctor worked through in selecting the right tone that works for her. My eye strain comes because I get tired, and sometimes I keep typing on. But vision, for those who have it and all of us who have it to keep it, is so truly important. So please take care of yours. Thank you!


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