Morning Coffee Break

We did get out yesterday evening for supper. We’re so used to going out to eat earlier that we were shocked to find a waiting line at our first choice. So, Denny’s, and instead of gluten-free pasta and sauce, I had a prime rib salad with eggs, avocado and lots and lots of salad greens. Beautiful! Al went for the country-fried steak, again. I don’t think that we stopped for groceries, afterwards. No, we didn’t. We spent a lot of time over supper. I had water with supper and switched to Oolong tea in the evening; used the last tea bag of the Oolong. I still have Lipton’s loose black tea and plenty of steeping balls for it. I did make coffee, though, when Samantha and I got up at seven o’clock or so; she said she was hungry, and she did eat all of her breakfast before she went out into the back yard.

I finally got her glucosamine tablets ordered; the ones that she’ll actually eat were on back order for over a month. Tried a substitute. She ate the first pill from the bottle. The next night, she tucked her nose down and turned her head away. I could almost hear locks and bars go down, her determination not to have that thing in her mouth. Two more tries in following evenings brought the same result, so I tossed the rest of the 200+ tablet bottle with contents into the trash bin.

Going to have to take a break soon. I did write both of the week’s “challenge” poems this morning. They’re sort of weird, this week, but no fairy tale characters were harmed in the process, this time. [Among Friends: and at Just Before Dawn].

I’ve got one more load of laundry to do, and then to get caught up on dish washing again. Those chores will be good for avoiding eye strain.

Warm enough, this morning, to go out to the mailbox barefoot, but we’re supposed to have another storm sometime this week. One hopes!

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