Christmas eve 2015

Christmas Eve with Al’s family went much better for me than Thanksgiving. Ryan, his wife, and their many offspring, spent the evening with other relatives, and so there were only (I’ve already lost track)  eight of us to dinner and the following opening of presents. I had absolutely no problems with cooking fats or fragrances in the air.

The company was congenial, the meal was perfectly cooked, the wine was … not strictly to my taste, but enjoyable, and the drinking water was cold. My presents were a ceramic coffee mug (to benefit the Amazon reforestation? The Nature Conservancy?) and 8 oz. of ground Kenya coffee (proceeds to benefit education projects in Kenya).  And also a hoodie for lounging around the house on cold winter nights, and a class picture of the son of a nephew in a nice frame. They were both in attendance, and so we got to tell him how good he looks.  Renee had to leave by 7:30 or so, because it’s her week to cover one of the homeless sleeping accommodations at one of the churches providing overnight space, and Diane and husband were attending Mass and had to leave by 8:30.

And so we were sent off at a comfortable hour with leftover ham, dessert, mashed potatoes, and a ham bone for me to boil down for bone soup stock.

Between my naps and two good blocks of sleep during the night, I awoke rested quite early in the morning, made a breakfast of ham slices, a lunch of vanilla ice dream with heated apple sauce, and a little later, the last banana.

I am drifting off, again, but I’ve taken my shower, and I am hoping to have at least a lettuce salad for my supper … and maybe glorified rice for dessert. 🙂

While I have lost 12% of my body weight over the past year, I need next to start building muscle mass. How have I lost weight, they asked?  I guess I haven’t been eating as much. Maybe.  Homemade soup, homemade casseroles, homemade yogurt, homemade dip for my occasional potato chips. And if I am hungry for ice cream. That’s what I eat.

Which reminds me. Yesterday afternoon we went to Denny’s, where I had a banana split for lunch and Al had a burger. That was nice!

And when we did get home, Al said, “Put on 12 cups of coffee to brew.” I think there’s enough left for me to reheat a cup to go with supper.

I am contentment.



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