If we were having coffee | late edition

If we were having coffee, it would be in my bed sitting room, again. This past week has been cluttered and holidayed. There was even a birthday party to attend at Happy Joe’s Ice Cream and Pizza. The birthday of a nephew’s son. (There must be a label for that. Grand-nephew?)

I would share the high points of the week. Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchanges went nicely. No toxic substances, but much congeniality. At the birthday party, where there was gluten-free pizza! I ran afoul, at the last, of cleaning product being used on a table across the aisle, but think I’ve finally slept it out.

And also the lesson. I must make a sign (I could embroider a wall hanging!) to put on the wall, reminding me that chemical exposures result in an uncertainty of moods. I look forward to looking once more upon life from the position of a “calming center”.

With the end of the holiday season upon us, Al feels that the worst of the 365 days are behind us, and everything between now and the middle of November will be relatively clear sailing weather.

The season’s activities have been most revealing, as well as consuming. And I have heard from two long-lost friends, email and Christmas card, to which I must respond, this time, rather than blowing them off, as I so often do, having no energy. Must do something with the energy.

I hope that the reader takes joy in the holiday season and suffers no post-holiday depression, loneliness for the people who gather only one or two times a year, regrets or second thoughts.

I am going to enjoy a second cup of coffee, while the laundry is in the dryer, and examine more closely the thoughts and emotions of this week. There are some matters that appear to need addressing and resolution. If only that would not make things worse.

Also, I take thought for my parents, my mother in particular, because I cannot solve her problems like I did when I was fifty. It is a sadness, but a fact.

I am looking forward to the coming week and New Year’s Eve, which we do not celebrate at all.

(Please excuse typos, etc. My eyesight gave out before I got to this.)
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