I need some coffee

Toddy coffee, warm with lots of milk.

I have still to wash one frying pan and 20 more yogurt-machine jars before I’ll be finished with the washing of kitchenware. This is important because I really need to get caught up before I start the next batch of yogurt on Thursday.  That will take the last packet of yogurt starter. I may buy more at Creative Kitchen, which is in the mall, rather than brave downtown Fargo, where there is no parking and Al must drop me off at the door to Swanson’s and then drive round and round the block until I emerge, package in hand.

While I am happy with the Poetry 101 Rehab poem for this week (the prompt being Odyssey), I cannot think of a haiku using the words year and new that doesn’t come out sounding totally inane. And then, desperation inspiration struck: The Poem(s)

My eyes are shot, again. Must I go back to cleaning yogurt jars? I suppose. After I finish off the final drops in the coffee cup.


2 thoughts on “I need some coffee

  1. I went over to read the New Year’s haiku. I particularly like the first haiku and the one with “Clever mice!” I still tend to romanticize mice, which probably is not smart. I have a field mouse the color of my cat, who comes by to visit. I hope you’re being careful with your eyes. Happy New Year in a couple of days!

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