Odyssey of Education and Reading

Sort of like the poem I wrote for Poetry 101 Rehab, today, and so am reblogging it from Quilted Poetry. For those who are keeping track (Writing 201: Poetry), the device is enumeratio and the form is haiku (in a series).


4 thoughts on “Odyssey of Education and Reading

  1. I like trilobites and rarely find someone else writing about them. I like The Silver Chalice, too. This series of haiku showing growth is insightfully concise. Illuminating in what is chosen to be expressed and in what is not chosen. Such a judicious process, coming across here with great engagement. Thanks!

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    • I am glad that you enjoyed it. The shit didn’t really hit the fan until Grade 5. At the beginning of the school year I wrote my first poem: in reaction to Andre Norton’s The Stars Are Ours, a narrative reflection on the inevitability of war. (Can anyone pronounce plagerism? Must have been…she’s so young! She doesn’t understand!) Followed by Grade 5 Iowa Basics at the end of the year, and me reading at Grade Level 14.

      Then, the school system had “expectations”, but I’d quit listening by then. My senior sociology teacher (I took my senior soc. in a nearby city the summer before my senior year, so I would have room for a college correspondence course in Latin during my senior year, along with second-year French) was kind enough to take me aside, explain the problem, and suggest that I cut the teachers and system some slack. It worked a lot better after that.


  2. I’m glad you gave the teachers a break. Though prodigious learners are terrific. I haven’t read that narrative by Norton, though it’s good that you responded. Not everyone gets a break (Ms. Norton).


    • The Stars Are Ours is a science fiction novel that Norton wrote, published in 1954. I riffed off it. I thought the story ended too optimistically. Not a science fiction enthusiast? Curious… 🙂


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