Too soon, the end of day

I really need to get up to fetch another cup of coffee. The last one barely reached from coffee pot to microwave to recliner. I’d planned supper, but then overslept. Al fed the dog while I took my nap, coming home while I was still asleep, and also fed himself. So I will rethink my own supper while he is doing his shopping. I’ve promised to eat two of the ripe bananas if only he will eat the third. Samantha also likes bananas, but I am pretty sure that she shouldn’t have one all to herself.

I need a different plan for managing yogurt jars. I really do! Between my acquisitions and my mother’s, which she has passed on to me, I have one (new) working yogurt maker with a 7-jar capacity and at least 37 jars. When I had this problem with the flatware, I simply tossed the flimsy pressed flatware. Fewer pieces to use, but always fewer pieces to wash at one time. Jars can break, though, and so if I could simply put the largesse in a less accessible location…

I am rereading, this week, my most favorite series by Sheila Connolly: the Relatively Dead mystery series is now up to book 4. Every once in a while, I could read them forever.  {{bliss}}

And recently, on I have been having fun posting mini-poems (some haiku, some not) inspired by some of Mara Eastern’s Phoneography Project 365 pieces. She and I met online shortly after Writing 201: Poetry of February 2015 (?), after she started the Poetry 101 Rehab group. (Andy Townend picked up the group when Mara took the summer off to write her dissertation and finish the work for her PhD in Literature.)

new ghosts walk the lawns.
near hidden by sun’s glare…
silent whisperers


On the outside, now,
looking in…make-believe world
of tinsel and lights.

are two examples. I’ve tucked them into Comments on her photo posts and also added them to my blog and twitter feed. It’s a quick, enjoyable exercise. Other things I must get back to, but failing in concentration, as my eye strain is still a problem. I am considering use of my eye lubricant (individually sealed, preservative free). That has to be done, though, in conjunction with reducing overuse of my eyes, and not as an aid to furthering any damage.

Speaking of which . . . supper sans computer.


4 thoughts on “Too soon, the end of day

  1. Such pleasant reading, your narrative. It’s infused with good things like the coffee-making ingredients coming together. The poetry is gossamer, especially in a line such as “new ghosts walk the lawns.” Thank you!

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  2. I hope you don’t mind, but I took the title of your post out of which I wrote a poem. When I post the poem, I’ll credit you, of course. If any of this doesn’t set with you, please let me know. Again, Thank you!

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