Awake at 3:00 a.m.

Snow covered branches against a white cloud sky
New Year’s Day 2006

I am awake, now, having missed the “magic hour” and crossing into the new year. Unlike most other years, we made an occasion of New Year’s Eve. Quite nice, although I ended up falling asleep before 11:00 p.m.

Friends have gifted us with good wines over the years. Previously, we have contributed most of them to Christmas Eve celebrations at Al’s family’s gatherings. This year, we did not. On a whim, we instead decided to observe the New Year’s Eve evening with wine, cheese and fruit assortments, shrimp, conversation…and Samantha, our Cocker spaniel, who is always up for a party. Our wine stash included a 1988 riesling, a 2013 late harvest riesling and rhubarb wine from a local winery.

And so, we went shopping, this past week for a corkscrew and bottle stoppers. I occasionally enjoy wine (3 oz. limit; hence the bottle stopper), although no other alcoholic beverage. We skipped the neat little packages with the shrimp tails obediently lined up in a circle with dip in the middle of the see-through plastic serving tray, to buy a couple pounds of larger, frozen cooked shrimp from the meat/fish/seafood section of the grocery store. Edam and mozzarella cheese, and a large container of melon and pineapple chunks, topped with kiwi slices and red grapes. I am so looking forward to cooking with the leftovers.

It was nice, sharing a meal and wandering conversation. Not goal driven, but instead a pleasant exchange, just being together.

After we ate (9:00 p.m.), I settled into my chair for a nap…an extended nap. I did not fall asleep with the computer in my lap, but I had intended to wake again before Midnight. Al is sound asleep, now. So is Samantha.

I think I’m sleepy enough to try for another few hours of sleep.

Best wishes for this new year!


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