Friday evening

Al was recruited to help out, again, as a Range Safety Officer for the twice-a-month Ladies Night at the shooting range, and so I am spending the evening alone. They run two 1.5 hour sessions with a limit of maybe 25 women per session. The first Ladies Night of the month is for women who have little to no experience with firearms. There is an introductory lecture followed by learning how to fire a pistol. I think they have an RSO for every lane, most of the time, so it’s practically one-on-one guided training and experience. They have a lot of fun. 

We got out there for target practice, ourselves, during the lunch hour, and then went grocery shopping afterwards. I stocked up on soups, because the weather is decidedly colder and windier, but I also picked up another bag of potatoes (russets, this time), fresh fruit and a rotisserie chicken. The sales at our butcher’s shop have not been inspiring, lately. And I still have leftover shrimp, cheese and ham from the holidays.

Today I remembered to bring along my carry pistol for much-needed practice. It’s difficult to find personal protection rounds in the stores for my 380. I need to start reloading, again. I had been concerned about its having been a while, but I did get four of the five shots in the center ring at 20 feet and the fifth shot in the 7th ring for a total of 47/50 points. I also got the chance to shoot a CZ while we were at the range. Did quite well for shooting it for the first time. Five out of ten shots into the center ring. One of the bullets, though, barely stayed on the paper. It is fun to try a variety of guns. I also shot my competition pistol; it wasn’t me being shaky, last time. I have to sight it in, again.

I have early memories of going hunting with my father and his brothers in the fall in nearby grain fields after the harvest. Pheasant, mostly, I think, and grouse. I was the only girl in my class to take hunter safety training. Seventh or eighth grade? Think on, I was also the only person in my Science Club to hold the featured boa constrictor that visited with its handler; got my picture in the local newspaper with the snake draped over my shoulders and me holding its head. My brother Scott (8 years younger than me) did a repeat in his turn when he got into high school, and his picture with snake showed up in the newspaper also. Nobody else was interested. Oy!

I discovered earlier in the week, when I went to my “prose” web site that there had been a database crash during a WordPress update. Since I had intended to delete things and start over—tired of writing book reviews and recommendations—I uninstalled the WP and carried out a new installation in a different directory. It’s at I haven’t added a link to the blog from the main page. I have to dig out the short stories and articles I want to put on that site. So far I found and added three articles that were previously published in the online Moondance Magazine. And, undoubtedly the worst story I’ve written, a short story that I wrote for a 24-hour writing competition built around a supplied sentence.

Any day that I get to go on an outing is a good day.

I’ve got to put on more coffee and find something to eat.

I hope your day/week has been good to you.


And you?

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