Weekend Coffee Share | Saturday, 9 Jan 2016

ice on the front-door window
A Window on Morning

If we had planned on having coffee together, today, face to face, I would have dropped you an email to suggest that we postpone our get-together for a couple of weeks. I have caught the most horrendous head cold. I cannot quit sneezing, and I may run out of tissues before the weekend is over. I thought, when it first started, yesterday, that I had a bad toothache. Not so! Just pressure building up in my head.

If we were able to have coffee together, I would have another half-dozen photos to show you. Anyway, in spite of my not feeling well, I did have a good day. There was sunshine, this morning, but the temperature was very low and conditions were right for a bit of frost on the front-door window. [The photo above.] Since the new windows were installed in the kitchen, there is no frost there. The other frosted windows are on the west side of the house, and so…no sunlight, usually, until temperatures have risen enough to melt the frost.

I got to proofread SFPA’s quarterly poetry publication: first issue in 2016. With consideration for my dry eyes, I did the proofing in four sessions. The Science Fiction Poetry Association was started by Suzette Haden Elgin in 1978. I found the organization in 2004. I’ve very much enjoyed being a part of it. Almost like a family.

I am sorry to cut our meeting so short. I am going to fix a bowl of chicken soup—yes, really—and see if I can get in another nap. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a good week!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | Saturday, 9 Jan 2016

  1. Chicken soup and a nap sound just right. I’m sorry to hear you’re ill. I’m sipping cold coffee as I write, so I wouldn’t have had much to contribute to the meeting, anyway. The photograph above is extraordinary. Be well, soon!

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