Weekend Coffee Share | Saturday, Jan. 16

“At Not-Late-Enough O’Clock”

Sound of snowblowers
in the not-distant-enough
neighborhood driveways

If we were having coffee together, this weekend, we would be sitting across the living room from each other. I remain on the sick list, and my husband has also come down with this cold. With chest congestion, is it automatically termed “influenza”? I think I slept for eight hours or more, last night, in three separate blocks of time.

My husband thinks that he may have “strep throat” and is debating whether to go to the Walk-In clinic to be checked out and if need be get properly medicated.

If we were having coffee, here, this morning, I would tell you that today’s great accomplishment so far has been washing the soup bowls and spoons, so that we can have hot chicken soup for…breakfast, lunch or supper. I also have washed a few cups and also my juice glass.

My major accomplishment for the week was getting all the week’s laundry washed and dried, Thursday night. I had a wonderfully long sneeze-free zone. At the end, I discovered that somehow, since the last time I washed/dried laundry, the dryer’s exhaust tube had come apart, leaving the basement with doubled humidity. Very warm—damp. The humidity returned to normal by morning. I am amazed at my expanding skills set!

During the course of last weekend I also discovered that I had misplaced my favorite poetry book, through which I have been reading semi-regularly (Sadder Than Water, by Samih Al–Qasim). I ordered a replacement copy, last weekend, which arrived with Thursday’s mail. There does not appear to be a digital edition, and so I sit with the book close to my nose and read aloud, as though that will make the print larger. I may have to start photographing each day’s reading, so that I can read it from the computer screen large enough to see properly. When the other copy, which has outgassed, reappears, I will put it into a safe deposit box.

Yesterday evening, after rewatching Bottle Shock (Alan Rickman), I looked around on the Internet and discovered that since the last time I had searched for such, George Taber had written a book about the 1976 Paris wine tasting. I downloaded the Nook edition and have started reading it. He has included the history of wine making (a loose, but relevant framework providing the context for the 1975 story). Taber was the reporter who covered the taste testing. I intend to finish that book, once we’re finished with our coffee. {We also have millet  or flax bread. Very good toasted and topped with elderberry jelly.}

And after getting behind on my personal “pet project”, I have written a several more mini-poems to go with some of Mara Eastern’s photo a day project. I enjoy writing them, and I intend to pick them up when I am feeling more awake.

I did make coffee, today. Coffee with hot milk. A nice change for me, since I have mostly been drinking fruit juice or tea.

Thank you for joining me for coffee. I hope that your weekend is wonderful and your new week, exciting! (In a good way. :D)


Please visit the coffee share site hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster for hers and others’ weekend coffee posts.



10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | Saturday, Jan. 16

  1. I hope you don’t have what I had the first half of December. it was mostly in the chest with a bit of sore throat thrown in for fun and it dragged out for three weeks. I hope you feel better and have a great week ahead!


    • Oddly, that is what happened to December 14–three weeks of chest cold. Lots of Albuterol via nebulizer. I can feel,, this afternoon? evening? some improvement and expect to be well within the 10-day life cycle of viruses. I do hope that the severely below-zero temperatures kill off all of the foreign germs.

      Thank you for stopping in!

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  2. Do you take vitamin C for flu/cold It sure helps and it has been since awhile we have been sick with one. My Mother used to make milk toak when we sick. Butter toast in hot milk with butter, salt and pepper. I sure hits the spot.
    Have great week end and your flu finished.


    • Thank, you! Chewable vitamin C’s are my friend! The milk toast certainly sounds wonderful, though. I wonder if that might work also with gluten-free bread. I remember its tasting somewhat oyster stew without the oysters, but just those big, floaty oyster crackers instead.

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  3. Bottle Shock–isn’t that a delightful movie? I was happy to join you for coffee. You had such engaging things to share. I appreciate the mention of the poetry collection. I like Arabian poetry, though haven’t read so much. I do hope your husband and you get better soon. Colds, flu, or strep. I can’t decide if enduring one is hard during the winter or the summer. Whenever we have it, it’s bad. Your haiku is grand. Nature is a traditional element in haiku. So yours fits gladly as a contemporary selection. Thank you!


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