Still under the weather . . .

The cold is in the “sneeze every 90 seconds” stage. And now, an abscess, and so antibiotics. Tonight’s supper, I think, will be a cup of yogurt with chunky apple sauce.

Prior meals, today? I think I heated a bowl of Hormel’s chunky chili.



4 thoughts on “Still under the weather . . .

  1. So sorry about the abscess. Another infection. I had one abscess and so did my cat–not at the same time. The antibiotics worked, but experiencing the abscess(es) was hard. I hope yours gets healed up fast. We have snow coming here. I hope I can soldier on (which has nothing to do with trying to do everything) even somewhat as well as you.


    • Thanks! Yes, abscesses are messy. And time consuming. And, evidently they can take some time to clear up. New experiences. Gotta love ’em! Still waiting to learn if there will be side effects.

      In the category of snow, sorry to hear that you’re in for snow. We have none in the forecast for the next week, but still Al went out and bought gas for the snowblower. Do you have to worry about snow clean-up where you live?

      He also brought home rotisserie chicken and white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream for dessert. I do hunger though for yogurt & apple sauce. πŸ™‚ In addition to the ice cream, not instead of.

      I have three projects for the rest of the week: laundry other than the stuff that has to be washed in hot water, getting all of the dishes, cooking pots and flatware cleaned and put away, and making more yogurt.

      The yogurt’s the tricky thing, this time.. I bought different brand of starter, and it’s got a different temperature range for the milk when adding the starter.

      My best wishes to you for the snow and all. Holding you in the Light!


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