The first load of laundry is ready to come out of the washing machine and go into the dryer. Al’s got his cup of coffee (with ice cube) and is curled up in his recliner, under a quilt and—I suspect, because I don’t see her elsewhere—warmed by Samantha, who has had breakfast and outing and is now curled up in her favorite napping spot: Al’s lap. If I’m quiet, I will get downstairs to effect transfer of laundry and back to my own recliner with a hot cuppa. Not sure, this morning, if I am going to stick with tea (Darjeeling) or switch to coffee.

Writing has a settling effect on my mind for the most part. An integral part of my decision-making processes. It was better when the town was smaller and I was well enough to walk for two or three or more hours while talking to myself aloud.

I don’t really think about years, decades past. I’ve always been a “charge forward, live in the present, don’t look back” sort of person. In truth, I remember the books that I’ve read and poems/stories/songs that I’ve written, but not me as doing the reading or writing.

Ah! Laundry!

Wishing you warm and cozy, wherever you are, this morning!



2 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. I’m not one of the more nostalgic, either. Today, for now, is fine. I’m glad your husband and Samantha have their favorite places–and are in them. I’m glad you’ll be in your place soon. The activity makes it sound as if you’re improving, though. I had not thought before of the prudence of having enough space outside to walk by and talk to oneself. Thanks for your warm wishes. It’s now the calm before the literal storm. Actually, there’s a lot of traffic moving by outside my window. Be well!


    • I trust this note finds you warm, cozy and safe. We are looking for temperatures warmer than usual. And perhaps some snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday. The radar is sporting dramatic colors in your part of the country, though. (Holding you in the Light and hoping you are not in literal darkness.)

      Midafternoon, I awoke from my nap feeling very much better. Al arrived home from his outing, and once I got put together, we went shopping for basics and food. Including “knee and ankle” adhesive bandages to take the place of the makeshift cloth ones that I’d been using for the past week. Much easier to get around.

      The household laundry is in the washing machine. I have washed a sink’s worth of dishes and now have the second of the three batches soaking. I am looking forward momentarily to corn chowder made with bacon (my favorite soups were on sale for $1 each instead of $2.xx). Al hopes to get back to the store tomorrow to see if any of them remain on the shelves. I myself suspect that they are selling off the Progresso brand to replace it with the store brand (which is NOT gluten free). May have to start ordering our soup by the case, shipped by FedEx.

      I must take another antibiotic, eat supper and take a look at the book that I bought when we were at the grocer’s. I suspect I will have to put it aside to air out, but I also suspect that I want to read it soon, if I can. 🙂


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