23 January | Weekend Coffee Share

cotoneaster fruit with frozen water drop, snow background

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, we would have ice cream (vanilla bean or butter pecan) to go with it. I’m drinking Toddy coffee, today, made with whole milk instead of water. Luscious! Especially with the rich taste of ice cream. On hand also are several teas: green (unfermented); Darjeeling, Tetley’s and Red Rose (black/fermented); and Oolong (semi-fermented).

I feel fortunate to have you here for a visit. After a long stretch with a respiratory infection, I’m feeling quite well. Also, I had a skin problem that required a visit to the walk-in clinic, Tuesday, when home treatment seemed too slow, and I am now quite mobile. My husband Al and I went grocery shopping together and came home with much needed staples (canned and fresh fruit, eggs, salad greens, etc.) and treats (chocolate and tapioca pudding, deli meat and cheese), as well as more bandages, laundry soap, and canned soup. While the winter is quite mild here, right now, one always wants to maintain a stocked larder until at least April.

If we visiting here, today, I would tell you about the Prose Poetry study group I have been taking part in since the beginning of this week, led by my friend Pam Casto, whose workshops have been mainly on Flash Fiction. While she is coordinating, all of us are exploring this poetry form together. She started the group because she herself was interested in finding out more about it. While my health problems have interfered with any in-depth research (or analysis), I have read the examples forwarded to the group and proceeded to write some prose poems. That’s been fun! Three more weeks to go!

I would like to tell you about one of my college professors, who would have remembered me and Jay Pepple as the only two students in his advanced Literary Criticism course, that session, to receive the grade of A. He gave us grief about it because Jay and I were the only ones in the class to be taking the course for Philosophy credit. Walther Prausnitz did not think highly of searchs for “inner, hidden, deeper, secret meanings” in literature, either poetry or prose. While he did not like me and I did not like him, I thought he was a great teacher and a wonderful musician. I benefited greatly from his knowledge and his approach to the materials, as well as from his totally off-the-wall sense of humor. Which I have appreciated even more as the years of separation from him have increased. (I should not have expressed my conviction that the only thing my English major would be good for, if I did not go into teaching, was reading the instructions necessary for working on a manufacturing assembly line. He really resented giving me that A.)

My goals for the weekend are (a) to finish washing the dishes (on sink no. 3 out of a possible 4), (b) wash at least two more loads of laundry, (c) boil a dozen of the eggs to have with salad, and (d) finally get another batch of yogurt on to incubate; I’m totally tired of the store brand again.

I hope that your obstacles during the coming week are short enough to shovel through, shallow enough to wade out of, &c. Best wishes!



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