Afternoon coffee

I’ve reheated a cup of the morning’s coffee with lots of milk in it. I’m sure that I have sat in this chair for most of the afternoon…but perhaps not. I’m just not remembering.

I stayed up quite late, last night, to wash and dry two loads of laundry. We got a 4.5 lb. beef roast, late yesterday afternoon, which I cut in half and put into the Crock Pot with orange and V-8 Juice and a large onion in slices. After it had cooked for five hours or so, I cut off a piece for late supper, and then left it cooking until three in the morning (because I was still doing laundry), and so it now is pulled beef, fallen apart and ready for sandwiches.

Early in the afternoon I put together a batch of yogurt for the incubator using the Euro Cuisine yogurt culture, which calls for a totally different temperature range for culturing than the Yoplait: 111-113°F (6.5 to 7 hours/Yoplait) as opposed to 73-77°F (9-12 hours/Euro Cuisine starter in incubator).  I can remember, early on, ruining a lot of yogurt batches, because I didn’t know that some of the strains couldn’t handle the higher temperatures.


I think I’ll take another nap.


And you?

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