A couple of days spent catching up on rest. I canceled Monday, and do not seem to be staying awake today for any length of time.

I did spend a nice hour in the gazebo, late yesterday afternoon. Between sun and a space heater set on low, the temperature rose to nearly 50 degrees. No sun today, yet, but next time I wake up, I may try that. I took photos yesterday of the mist frozen on the branches (themomentsbetween.WP).

I cannot decide to eat, finding no thoughts of food appealing. I may take another nap, first.

natural foodstuffs…

fog, mist and tiny snowflakes

served up at breakfast


2 thoughts on “Tuesday?

  1. Goodness, the photographs are beautiful! And the black shape that is your dog–priceless! I like the verse about foodstuffs, above. I imagine from the perspective of (in) the gazebo, those things are nourishing.

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