Good Morning, Saturday!

(… continued from The Art Of Disorder]

I would feel guilty, labeling this as a Morning Coffee Share, since I have spent so much time off the Internet. I have done my weekly poetry writings and some photos, but not much reading of other people’s blogs. Such as this is, please join me if you’d care to, as I start my fourth cup of coffee.

Again, I canceled all commitments and have stayed at home. For the next two days—Sunday and Monday—activities will be curtailed by the (still forecast) impending blizzard. A watch from six o’clock Sunday morning until the same time on the next day, when there will be winds and plunging temperatures, but the winds will be only to 27 mph. I believe over 30 mph sustained winds are required for the blizzard classification. I would stay in anyway. If the weather is that bad by noon on Sunday, my husband’s shift at the shooting range should be canceled and the range shut down.

I was slowly catching up on the dishwashing. I am extremely unsteady on my feet. I will need to make more yogurt before the weather improves again, and so Al will pick up more milk for me. I will be low on other foods, but I have plenty of frozen vegetables and nearly two dozen eggs. Which will do nothing for me if the power goes out. We live both in and on hope.

One of my younger brothers went shopping for my mother. They live four towns east from here. She now has another ten dozen EB eggs and four large cartons of Old Home’s whole-milk yogurt. I sometimes store excess refrigerator stuff in an outdoor structure overnight, until there is room in the indoors frig. I’m pretty sure that there are no out-of-the-sun options around their house.

I can imagine the mice and rabbits gathering under the shrubs to eat open my plastic milk carton and finding themselves drenched, should several cut through the container at once. When the temperatures drop, they will freeze to milk statues, and I will have to bring them into the garage to thaw.

Today, Samantha ignored a “Stay” command, snuck past me, and got herself locked out of the house. She finally decided to bark, so that we could let her in, again.

Next on my agenda is another nap. At least I am sleeping more than three hours at a stretch, now. 😀

Wishing you a weekend of nice weather (or weather bad enough that you’ve an excuse to stay home)!

Much love!


2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Saturday!

  1. Fourth cup. Impressive. I’m only on my second. Have to catch up. Such a (tasty) trial.

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, if still unsteady. It’s good you’re paying close attention to the weather.

    The roads here are finally getting clear again of the storm that brought us thirty-plus inches of snow. Still many piles of high snow abound, of course.

    Thanks for such a pleasant visit! And I’m happy to hear that Samantha barked, if only in regret..


    • I have switched to diluted cranberry juice, now that evening approaches. The coffee was so good! We’d bought half-and-half to substitute for milk, which does such lovely things to the taste of it! I’ve had a nice nap and am thinking to watch a TV show, this evening; the pilot for Lucifer is being rerun. I think it might be a show I would like until the writers run themselves out of plot line.

      Samantha is happy, having caught a slice of muskmelon that fell while I was transferring it from store container to bowl. Stuffed and smiling in her sleep. Al made a second run to the store and just carried in grocery bags containing rotisserie chickens, cottage cheese, store-bought yogurt (2 cartons) and also g-f chocolate pudding. That was not on my list, but one of my favorites. Happiness!

      I am happy to learn that there is progress with the 3 feet of snow. A little too much at one time. We are promised 3.5 inches of snow over three days (rain early this evening); they’re trying to make up for the lack by offering 55 mph winds, so as to reuse the sorry snowfall.I do hope that you need not venture forth into hazardous weather or overeager winds before the snows are melted, frozen on top or packed down tightly.

      May you have a a wonderful Sunday!


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