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Love to Cook, Forget to Eat

Daily Post Prompt: Live to Eat:

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

I used to live to eat, I think. When I traveled in my younger years, I planned my trips and vacations around exploring restaurants. I spent an entire ten days in a town between my then hometown and Seattle at a hotel near a restaurant that had fresh seafood flown in from the west coast. The other consideration was whether or not the weather was good enough that I could spend the rest of my time walking about. I usually found an outdoor spot where I could sit to read.

I went twice also to the Seattle area and ate fast-food seafood on one of the piers; I don’t remember if I traveled by train or airplane, that time. I’ve also eaten at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Manhattan and several other sit-down and fast food places there, as well as buying breakfast early in the morning from a street vendor. I’ve gotten no farther north than Winnipeg or south than Omaha and New Jersey/ Maryland/ Washington, D.C., and more often found myself in southern Minnesota. That was before I discovered that I am allergic to wheat and gluten intolerance runs in my family. At that point, 1990, I started studying about and learning how to cook.

These days, while I may become preoccupied with other activities and skip a meal…or a day or more of them, I would travel no farther than the grocery store, butcher shop and local farmers market for supplies, and then do my own cooking.

For example, this morning’s breakfast. And, yes, I do commonly take photos of my meals, so that I can scan my photo archive for a picture of a meal or entrée or gluten-free baked product that I can’t quite recall. While I now eat to live (when I remember), feeding myself has become another creative activity. My husband has his own set of (if it’s healthy, it can’t be enjoyable) favorite foods, but where our tastes mesh, we share.

2 eggs scrambled, redcurrant jelly, melon slices and water
Sunday Breakfast

I best like accessorizing simple foods. The scrambled eggs were dusted lightly with paprika, garlic powder and white pepper and accompanied by red currant jelly and melon slices. Water for the day is filtered into a couple of pitchers and chilled in the refrigerator.

I also go wild with soup stock and Crock Pot meals and ad lib the g-f casseroles and breads.

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