Finally, our storm

The snow arrived at last, after the winds started to die down. I am not sure why, but I did not fall sleep, last night, until after five o’clock. I sent four aspirin after the warm milk. The winds beat the cables and ropes against the antenna tower. Surprisingly loud. The bad weather will, theoretically, cease at Noon.

Cottage cheese and melon slices, I think, with half a cup of squash soup to start.

dog eating snow, gazebo and garden in background
Sam in the Snow

Best wishes for your day!


One thought on “Finally, our storm

  1. You seem to be weathering (yeah, I guess the pun is intentional) all things well. Except for sleeping. I don’t know, all the motion outside–I doubt I would have slept, either. I hope you remain safe with what you need.


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