The exercise bike and the last cup of tea

I’m finally settling in, here, but the alarm is set for 6:30 a.m., which is when the Crock-Pot is to turn itself off. Al still is trying to fight off that cold and waking up coughing during the night. I’m surprised that he can still talk. He has continued to be there for his volunteer work shifts. I’d just as soon he’d stay home, but … I guess not.

We finally got to the butcher shop on Tuesday. This week it’s baked chicken breast (cooked at 400 °F, powdered garlic on one side, and smoked paprika on the other) for soups and salads, and pulled beef slow-cooked in roasted red pepper & tomato soup along with a sliced yellow onion.

Once more, I almost finished washing the dishes before setting out to make a mess, again. One accomplishment today, once I’d finished being ill, was putting in three miles on the exercise bicycle. Looking back in my notes, I can’t find any mention of getting on the thing since last April. I think it has been a long stretch, this time. Must dig out my exercise DVD to find something for lateral (?) leg muscles.

I feel much more relaxed, tonight, than earlier in the day. My mother, who has been worrying herself half to death because Al and I have not been able to make the short drive home to take care of her chores, wrote to tell us how she had decided to approach each one of the items on her list, solving the problems on her own. For which I am most grateful. If nothing else, it will help her to feel more competent/confident, again.

We just need that sometimes.

Oolong tea tastes really good.

Good night!


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