The end of the week

We have enjoyed an entire incident-free day in the puppies’ potty training effort. Thaddeus and Charlie are (pretty much) sleeping through the night. While Al had the dogs out in the back yard, I swapped out kennel floor blankets for laundering. These were the ones I put down for them Sunday night. (Saturday night, we only had one kennel up, letting them sleep together.) They kept their kennels/blankets clean, all five days. I am hopeful that I can get by with washing the bedding once a week if needed.

Before we got the “containment” routine settled, both dogs displayed a fondness for shredding paper towels, chewing facial tissues, and dismantling some books set aside on the floor (before puppies were planned for) for discarding.  The carpeting, due for replacement or removal this spring, does not give up its treasures to the vacuum happily.

Adding to the mess was Thaddeus’s project to haul out all the dog toys from his and Charlie’s kennels and pile them in one place, so he could keep an eye on them. I think Charlie (the sable pup) is sitting there stunned…totally in awe.

paper scraps, dog toys and dogs
Dog Toys

In addition to the 12-week shots, the vet recommended medication for irritated ears and probiotics to improve digestion, &c. We bought the food that the breeder was feeding, but are blending for a switch to a better quality food. The first six months are important to proper growth and development. Charlie, the sable, is slightly older than Thaddeus, the buff, but weighs quite a bit less. We hope that the difference will diminish as both dogs continue eating food formulated specifically for puppies. They do quit eating when they feel full, which is nice. Previous dogs of ours did not. I think the difference may be that we are feeding them each in his own kennel and out of line of sight, so that they don’t feel the need to protect their food by bolting it down.

I will be happy when I can start taking naps in the afternoons, again. Then can take afternoon naps, again. (-_~)



One thought on “The end of the week

  1. Thankfully, that seems good timing for the training. And knowing when to stop eating? That’s simply grand. The piling of toys for safekeeping–safe-watching–sorry, but it’s endearing. I’m glad that they are discovering the pleasures outside and also of sleeping.

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