Checking out the new snow
Checking out the new snow

There’s now snow on the ground (1.3 inches), which is supposed to melt during the course of the day. Made for damper than usual potty calls. More puppy & snow pictures can be found at The Moments Between.

The Scampers had their first outing of the morning at 6:30 a.m., but we’ve put them back into the kennels, where they are sleeping until we finally get out of bed to feed them their first meal of the day. I have no hopes of getting in an actual breakfast, but I do at least plan to get the coffee brewing before anything else happens.

The trip to the parents’ home on Thursday to install Mother’s new printer went well, but … evidently I need to go back soon, because Mother can’t get it to print, and I do not know why. I should have tried it out after the installation, but I was not handling the air in the house (stumbled, had to be helped out of the chair and out to the car). I’d already stayed 30 minutes longer than I had planned, and I was no longer functioning. It seems odd to me that we both have MCS, but we do not respond the same to air-borne toxins. I am so tempted to skip the Easter gathering, since I have not yet recovered from the last outing.

At least I will be within reasonable distance of an Emergency Department if I have too much trouble breathing. 🙂


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