Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, 17 April

If we were getting together for coffee (or tea), this weekend, I would welcome the company. The week was fraught with crises and problems that were not addressable, which resulted in my passing off many responsibilities, perhaps permanently, to siblings and in-laws.

First, though, a picture (relatively large, as I’ve uploaded it) from Saturday’s mundane chores. Al spent the rain-free days, this week, severely trimming back the cotoneaster shrubs, so that we can get through to the fence without getting cut up by branches. The Scampers wanted to help.

Al and the Scamper puppies scattering seed beneath the cotoneasters
17 April 2016
Lizl Bennefeld

A large pile of brush has accumulated on the boulevard in the wake of the burst of energy. Al finally gave in and hauled the rakings to the drop-off site, even though the city is supposed to be picking such up until the first week of May. Probably changed schedule because of the early melt and spring weather. If you lived closer to me than you do, I would ask if you’d like a spinet piano. We are trying to downsize, and I seriously consider giving it away. I also have been sorting (the thousands of) books with hope of shedding at least 75% of them during Spring Clean-up Week. Donating turns out to be too complicated and involves time and effort I cannot devote to it.

If we were having coffee together, I would share with you some of the crises of the early weekdays. On Tuesday, as my father was being released from the hospital and returned home by van to the parents’ home town, I was on my way to the emergency department of the same hospital with breathing problems. The first time since 2013, I believe, that I’d gone to the ED for that particular problem. I am not recovering as quickly as I would like, and I do not wish to be making on-the-spot decisions related to my parents’ lives. That leaves two siblings who live in the same state, one in the same village and one about 400 miles away.

Part of the problem, but certainly not all, was the extended visit to the folks’ place the previous Friday, where I tried to help my mother become reacquainted with her computer. After I left, as it turns out, she could not remember (or read) which icons to click on to go to any of her activities and somehow, it seems, locked herself out of the computer. She deemed this to be my fault, even though the computer and printer worked correctly before I left their home. And so she sent one of my brothers to buy her a “less complicated” computer at Best Buy with the intention of hiring the Geek Squad to help her whenever she has problems. I find this worrisome. They are not inexpensive.

On a brighter note! Al took me out to supper, last night. [Salmon and veggies!] And brought home a spiral-cut ham, on sale from our butcher shop, and also a multi-grain, gluten-free loaf of bread for making sandwiches. And I really have quit worrying, to the extent that I can go to bed at night and sleep through until morning.

I hope that your weekend has gone well and that the coming week proceeds smoothly.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, 17 April

  1. Sorry about your family problems, they will as as the times goes on. It is worrisome now, but you cannot do much. The bush was huge, it needed cutting back. Stress alway make breathing hard and you had enough for it to a factor.


  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill, and do hope that you’re feeling better. Love those little Scampers up there “helping” with the trimming! 🙂


  3. Sunday was my younger brother’s birthday, so I had coffee electronically with him. I’m glad to read and see that the Scampers want to be helpful. I hope you continue to improve with breathing and everything. With heart disease, I sometimes go through the same (Emergency) visit for the same thing. Sorry about the frustration over the computer. You’re right, these are expensive moves. And blame? Useless in families, I’ve found. I’m glad you enjoyed dinner out, though, and have spiraled ham (yum) for sandwiches. And the books and the piano are too tempting, so I guess it’s good I am where I am. All of you be well–and, as need be, keep getting better!


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