What I Enjoy | Everyday Inspiration Day 2

At last, Day Two, and list-making. What fun, reliving life!

The Moments Between

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  • I love the sound of rain spattering against my window in the middle of the night as the winds come up and then die away again as the storm moves on.
  • I loved the night when gale-force winds bent our old, tall poplar tree nearly to the ground as my husband and I (and the dogs) sat in the garden shed, plywood board across the open door acting as a splash board to protect us from the muddy rainwater raining on us from below. I loved the poplar, branches bending, flashing in and out of view as the lightning strikes revealed them to us.
  • I loved coming out from work at midnight to find a massive rainstorm…and standing beneath the column of water pouring through the pipes from the high rooftops of the commercial buildings all around me. The alley and streets nearly empty and myself screened…

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One thought on “What I Enjoy | Everyday Inspiration Day 2

  1. The sound of rain is great. I don’t hear it often enough. When a child, the first literally big thing I recall seeing was a willow tree that had fallen over in the storm the night before. It covered that half of the backyard. I was sad and amazed at the same time.


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