Weekend Coffee Share | 22 May 2016

hybrid tulips in my garden
Sunday’s Tulips

If we were having coffee together this weekend, I would share with you some of the changes that are taking place here at home.

The first, most significant events involve my work and few remaining clients. One, who called while I was ill at the beginning of the year and who’d found someone else to do her typing, found me on the way home from the grocery store. The other people she’d found to do her work during the intervening months did not do as good a job as I had, and she wanted to know if I were still taking on occasional jobs. She had a long list of assignments that she wanted done … or redone. Endless! 

My husband had been discussing, this past week, the problems scheduling (or, rather, the client’s lack of scheduling) and completing jobs for my one remaining client of more than twenty years. I’d also done academic work for her when she was working on her MFA in Music. I was no longer comfortable with our professional association because I could not make commitments because of my periodic health problems making completing projects in a timely manner is no longer possible. And so, when she came over to pick up the last job for the academic year, as planned, I advised her that I would not be available for anymore work. Sticking to our plan, I offered to email her previous Word files to her (student practice forms, studio policies, contracts, &c.)

Both clients have expressed the wish to find a course to take, so that they would be able to do their own work. I wish them well!

The third client for whom I worked after retiring at the end of 2012 let me know last month that she would not be teaching, at least for the coming year, and so I informed her also of my intention to make my retirement complete.

I would also share with you, today, our having come to a final resolution to dealing with the piano we had been trying to give away. Not having heard from either my friend or her friend, after three weeks of waiting, Al and I decided that we would keep the piano and get it tuned (happening tomorrow!), and I would get back to relearning to play scales, arpeggios, favorite but simple songs to see if after all this time of not being able to play, I still wanted to be able to. I expect that I will. The dogs now have quit barking when I sit down at the piano. I hope they’re good with Jerry while he’s here for the tuning. In the meanwhile, I will be saving money, so that when the year or two of the trial period comes to the end, I can either continue with the acoustical piano or splurge on an 88-key digital piano (with computer composition software?) and a headset, so that I can play during the night to my heart’s content without bothering anyone.

Having made those decisions, the first thing I am going to do is modify my “favorites” contact list on my telephone so that when I switch it to Do Not Disturb, none of my former clientèle will be on the list. Life will be much more relaxing when I can sleep soundly at the times of the day that fit my life’s rhythms.

Other fun happenings are starting the “Everyday Inspiration” 21-day course through Blogging University and Julia Cameron’s recent 12-week program/book, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again. I will probably take an extra week or two with the Blogging U assignments and three months or so on It’s Never Too Late, but that’s okay.

If we were having coffee together, this weekend, I would talk your ears off, but I would enjoy having give and take. A real conversation! There’s only so much one can do via blogging.

My best wishes to you for the week to come!



See Parttime Monster for the LinkIn and other sharing.

P.S. In the midst of all, my husband decided that he wants to follow through on building a workshop (12′ x 16′) in the back yard for his woodworking. He’s always wanted to build his own house, but not until retirement has there been the time or resources. Planning and constructing the gazebo for me did not satisfy the building aspirations! What fun!



6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | 22 May 2016

  1. I’m drinking morning coffee as I write. I’m also deeply enjoying all the news about clients, the piano, more complete retirement, and the new woodshop. I have nothing so momentous to share. At present I’m pet-less. I’m striving to have semi-retirement work (with early-entry Medicare due to disability) while looking for a job I can do part-time. C’est la guerre. Bonne chance to us all!


  2. Bonne chance, indeed! Job search is frustrating. And being pet-less can be very lonely. I will be holding you in the light.

    That was the tough part of leaving home–leaving the cats behind and living in dorm rooms/apartments where pets weren’t allowed.

    The piano, which I bought in 1975, still tunes to A-440. My husband has some Adult beginning piano lesson books, and I’m starting with those. It’s been too long since I was able to play. It feels good physically. My hands begin to remember.


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