Thursday morning

Puppy drinking water from a rain puddle below the eave trough
Drinking Water from the Rain Puddle

And I have yet to get up to make coffee. The puppies are still asleep, but I suspect that Al got up earlier to let them out and then put them back into their kennels again. We had thunderstorms, yesterday, and the dogs had no problem going out into the back yard until the lightning/thunder got really close. They enjoy the rain, when it is not icy cold. Charlie rediscovered the puddle of rain water below the eave trough on the garden shed. He seems to enjoy drinking from it.

It’s been a tough couple of days for concentrating on doing things. Not handling interruptions well. I think I’ve poison ivy rash on my feet and ankles. Vinegar and baking soda, I believe, for the first round of treatment. And laundering the bedding again.

Playing piano every day and getting on the exercise bike. Dishes are washed. But I am not writing or tackling the tasks that require words.

SpO2=90%, Pulse=63


One thought on “Thursday morning

  1. It’s early Friday afternoon, and I’ve had some coffee. I’m contemplating making more. I’m sorry to hear about your having poison ivy! I hope the solution works on your skin. I’m glad to hear the puppies like rain, since as dogs they’ll have to go out into rain from time to time. I’m happy to read that you’re playing the piano.

    I find the last brief paragraph especially moving. And motivating!


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