O Friday…

indoors blur
The Week in Passing

Some weeks are more coherent than others. The bright spot? Finding a home remedy that alleviates the itching of poison ivy. Guess what’s growing in my garden! The grass was covered with morning’s dew, and so the dogs came inside to play after breakfast.

dogs playing tug-of-war with their cloth rope
Tug of War
Thadd, enjoying the rope while Charlie looks on
The Winner

I am becoming less hesitant in sending the Scampers to their kennels when they become disorderly. Having equally dominant temperaments, they are continually after each other in play. They seem to take turns by day, persecuting each other, when they’re not lying at my feet, dozing. I am finding that the Scampers are wary of the flash of the camera and will quit picking on each other when I start taking photographs. What fun!

puppies pretending they are not fighting

There was no exercise for me, yesterday. Or piano playing, although I did finish up with the laundry. I took several naps. I have one task to complete, this week: setting up a mailing list for a group that I belong to, which needs to switch providers. I am fairly certain I will have it finished by the end of the weekend. I just have to figure out how to send invitations and make certain that messages are not archived. I have not set up a mailing list since before OneList was acquired by Yahoo.

Update: I’ve now put in half an hour practicing the piano and pedaled the exercise bike 1 mile.  The Scampers have eaten their lunch, and we’re going to take our naps, now.  (-_-)




One thought on “O Friday…

  1. So nice when nap times are coordinated. And you practiced and exercised, after all. The photo of the innocents is endearing. Guess they’re not innocents always. The photo at the top is a fantastic expression of a rushed week. I hope the effects of the ivy are going away.

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